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Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio are ahead, who will be on top?

Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio are ahead, who will be on top?

progress horoscope map By Paulo Fox for all the signs of Air, Water, Earth and Fire for Sunday, July 24, 2022

In this article, predictionsPaolo Fox Tower for tomorrow Sunday 24 July 2022in relation to the signs of the central zodiac (Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio). The following content is freely obtained, as usual, from Astri app by Paulo Fox. on me CentroMeteoItaliano Previews ofBranko Tower And the by Paulo Fox 24/7 for signage Aries, Taurus, Walnut and Cancer. The moon is favorable to Lion: If there are problems now you can finally solve them. there Bakr On a break, we decided to separate her for a while and so it will be for a few days! there weight scale Suffering from some emotional problems, solutions are being sought! The The scorpion He can count on active Venus but must not be hesitant or afraid to make a mistake.

Your horoscope Paulo Fox Leon tomorrow, Sunday 24 July 2022

On this Sunday the moon is favorable and Mercury passes through the sign. Thus there is a possibility to understand if there are any problems as well as how to solve them. Saturn is not in a positive phase yet, so there may be some obstacles as well from a physical point of view. If there are any diseases, you have to take care of yourself and you will notice that you will get better soon. Even if some are going through a complicated moment, the positive news is that thanks to Jupiter it will not be difficult to overcome and find serenity. Read also profilePaolo Fox Tower 24/7/2022 for signals Capricorn, Aquarius and Fish.

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LEO, how will next week go?

There is good news for those born under the sign of Leo: Mercury is about to enter the sign. This allows you to leave some concerns behind. The Roman astrologer’s advice is to let yourself go, because now you are way more awesome than usual. Think about the past and forget it, especially those people who made you suffer. Jupiter is on your side in the workplace, now you can listen to others more and new collaborations can also arrive.

Virgo, Paul Fox Horoscope July 24, 2022

This is also a holiday, like its predecessor. Some from Friday evening decided to separate them and not feel anything or anyone, as if they needed some kind of inner peace. In general, you always respect a certain mental logic when you move and if someone hinders you in your projects, at this moment you have no desire to argue. The only solution is to remove those holding you back, also because you want them to leave you alone. Sunday will be full of silence, but then we will leave on Monday on a great adventure.

Libra, Fox forecast for July 24, 2022

You should try to solve heart problems as soon as possible. The star picture is actually complicated You have to find a way out. However, not everyone will fall into a crisis in love, but many feel distant from their partner. In more serious cases, there is discussion and even some marital strife may arise which, if not kept in an awkward position, can also cause a difficult-to-remedy separation. However, the weekend was born well and the moon is on your side.

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Paulo Fox’s horoscope predictions for Scorpio July 24, 2022

according todaily horoscopeThis Sunday works better than previous days, also because Venus is active. There may be some problems for someone who intends to live a new story after a breakup, but with a fear of making mistakes. This fear makes you risk being too argumentative. On the other hand, the Roman astrologer’s advice is to let yourself go and live the next few days as much as possible and not just on Sunday.