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Lemon, the detail on the peel that few people know: it is better to pay attention to it

Spending too much When you have a wide range of products available, you risk creating major confusion.

Often widely distributed He is able to put us in a serious predicament, all thanks to the skepticism and lack of reflection of the stages of selection. A supermarket, for example, of any brand, type or location is anything else He has the ability to act Like fabiesco fife able to keep you glued to the desires of those selling endless rows of small consumers. Nothing is more correct.


How many times have we found ourselves choosingFor example, the fruit or vegetable in the supermarket. Our trusted store, the context that one way or another responds to our needs. How many times would you say no? Well, how many times have doubts literally tormented us about the choice of a certain type of fruit or vegetable and not another? Also in this case, the response may seem more than obvious.

What can confuse us? Among the supermarket shelves that probably isn’t synonymous with quality and convenience either. Definitely the appearance of a particular product. What it represents in one way or another The actual presentation of the product, in short a business card, can easily confuse us and lead us to Make gestures Which we can deeply regret. In short, never look at appearances.

Going to the supermarkets One often comes into contact with articles whose origin is unknown. Speaking of lemons, for example, we may have come across at counters certain lemon supermarket. Generally from Spain or African countries. Yellow, beautiful to the eye in a nutshell, but with a completely unique peculiarity. lemon in question It was reported as “inedible”, that is, inedible.

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Fruit in the supermarket: what we often don’t even imagine is what we buy

In the specific case mentioned In the past, we were dealing with a certain type of lemon whose peel is in fact inedible because it is treated with chemicals of a different nature. The result is a perfect fruit, in color, in shape, in short everything, except for the taste, in fact not everything is edible. Neither Use the latter To prepare dessert, as is common.

health risks In the event that this particular peel is taken, it can actually be quite high. The fruit is very beautiful to seemaybe it’s useful to get customers’ attention but then iEdible because it is full Of the toxins used to give them that particular shape, that particular colour. In general, we can safely say that before buy a specific product It would be right to refer to the label first to understand its source and other relevant information.

Read the labels and pay attention to their source In short, the product itself. If a certain quality is preferred, it will be appropriate to resort to products grown according to a series of well-defined logics and processes. In short, enter the organic worldPay more, it’s true but in the meantime, make sure at least a product of excellent workmanship. organic italian productsThis may be the right way to avoid finding a dangerous product on the table and among other things inedible. A few reflections on this, everything seems clear enough.

wide distribution sector He can hide his flaws which are not often hidden. Even the most gullible customer can have problems buying a lemon that is very yellow, beautiful to the eye but inedible. What does that mean? In short, all this may lead to the belief that choosing fruits and vegetables in the supermarket is a good thing Too complicated process. Well, not complicated, but not that easy.

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