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LEGO Speed ​​Champions 2021: the UN Super Garage in Miniatura!

LEGO Speed ​​Champions 2021: the UN Super Garage in Miniatura!

The Lego Speed ​​Champions collection consists of miniature replicas of super sports cars, off-road vehicles and even dragsters: Currently, the release is only planned in the US and UK, but it could soon arrive in Italy

Your passion for supercars or even off-road vehicles is all about getting to the extreme locations, but do desires clash with finances? It’s about saving you Puzzle Games With her group Speed ​​Champions 2021.

Lego Speed ​​Champions 2021: The Complete Collection

Speed ​​Champions 2021 From Puzzle Games It is an expanded collection of full-size cars that recreate iconic models from the world of four wheels. Inside you’ll find really everything, from sports cars to off-road traction cars. Among the most interesting pieces in this miniature garage is a replica of the Koenigsegg Jesco, A Swedish supercar that can be rebuilt in 280 parts and a little patience. That may not be the original, but the alloy wheels are a gem. When it comes to sports cars, the group continues with Toyota GR Supra You can make it convertible thanks to the removable roof. Puzzle Games McLaren Elva It celebrates English sports in all its originality.

In a self-respecting group, a legendary brand like a Corvette could not be missing: If you are a fan of the stained bricks, you can choose from Corvette C8-R And c1968 Chevrolet Corvette. There are other cars sold in pairs Lego SRT Top Fuel Dragster Together with Dodge Challenger 1970 e Ford GT Heritage Edition Together with Ford Bronco R.. Models range from 25 euros for single models to 70 euros for “groups” but for now it will only be marketed in the US and UK, and in Italy it should only arrive in the coming months.

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