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Led space and solar energy to cut costs

Led space and solar energy to cut costs

New light for Dervio. The municipality of Altulario, thanks to the state funding it received for energy efficiency in the amount of 50 thousand euros, has implemented a series of interventions to improve lighting systems and reduce electricity consumption.

The Boldona theater spotlights and spotlights in the garden tables area were replaced with LED systems, neon lights in the gymnasium and in the changing rooms of the municipal gym were removed, and replaced with LEDs; Incandescent lights in public restrooms were also eliminated and replaced with LED lights, and neon in the football stadium’s changing rooms were eliminated, which were also replaced by LED lights.

Now it is up to the room to advise

In the coming weeks, new low-consumption lights will also be installed in the consulting room, incandescent streetlights in Chiari will be replaced and new solar-powered LED streetlights will be installed in the car park in Via Marconi and Via Matteotti.

This completes the abolition of all legacy systems that began in 2020 with the replacement of all public school lights, town hall and municipal gymnasiums. “In this time of sky-high energy costs – dervish officials explain – having ultra-low-consumption lighting systems represents significant savings even if energy bills are still very high.”

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