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LeBron James knows where you want his NBA career to end


LeBron James seems to have clear ideas about where he wants to end his NBA career, which is about to reach its 19th season in the MLS. The All-Star, in fact, while appearing on the podcast “Smartless” To promote Space Jam, talk about his future.

A future that promises to remain long in the NBA, at least according to his words, but above all associated with only two colors, yellow and purple. LeBron James Comment on his love for the Los Angeles Lakers And the will to end his professional career with the title he won the last title.

“I really hope I can finish my career with the Lakers. It doesn’t matter how old they are and whether they’re four, five, six or seven. I hope I can keep playing. I love living in LA, my family loves living in LA. Being with A historical franchise like the Lakers is a thing… It’s like being in “Space Jam” to me. I never thought it would be possible. Think Karim, Magic, Wilt, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Kobe, Shaq and all of them. The list goes on.”

City, Los Angeles, which seems to please LeBron not only from an athletic point of view. But also for family matters. The son, in fact, attends Sierra Canyon High School, a prestigious school for talent.

James, however, is not new to statements of love for the teams he plays for. They know something in Florida but also in Cleveland, with two goodbyes suffered by fans as true betrayals.

This time the words seem to have a different flavour. Also because the franchise seems to be able to give him a roster at the top to seal his career at the top. Perhaps the king has found his kingdom.

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