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"Leave Ukraine when there is no curfew"

“Leave Ukraine when there is no curfew”

Rome Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi Speak in the Senate Communications to the Assembly on developments The conflict between Russia and Ukraine With an appeal to Italian citizens located in the respective regions (in Ukraine there are about 2,300 Italians, of whom more than 1,600 are citizens). Draghi said in his speech:Since February 12, Farnesina has recommended the Italians who are in the country to leave Ukraine by the available commercial means. As of February 24, in the wake of the attacks of the Russian side, the warning was changed. To our compatriots who are still present in the Ukrainian capital and its surroundings, we have recommended to use the means that are still available, including trains, to leave the city, at times when there is no curfew. – Add – There is no curfew at these hours, but the situation may change as a result of the progress of military operations. We recommend the utmost caution“.

Draghi: “We have answered Zelensky’s call”

Rather on the ongoing conflict: “Italy responded to President Zelensky’s call to provide equipment, weapons and military vehicles to protect itself from Russian aggression. A democratically elected government must be able to resist invasion and defend the country’s independence. As a people defending itself against military attack and asking democracies for help, we can only respond with encouragement and acts of deterrence. This is the position of Italy, the European Union and our allies“.