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Leak reveals previously free PS5 and PS4 games –


It’s supposed to be a few days before the official announcement, but in the meantime, me Free PS5 and PS4 Games affiliate PlayStation Plus to January 2023 It appears to have been revealed through a leak, and given the reliability of the source, it’s definitely worth looking into.

So the list of games should be like this:

The source of the leak is the usual Billbil-kun on the Dealabs forum, which has practically become one contexts In recent years with the accuracy you’ve always predicted with ads like this, so we can almost move these games over to Sony’s subscription service for sure.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an excellent third-person action game centered on the Star Wars universe, which tells the story of Cal Kestis, the last Jedi who survived Total Elimination Order 66. Forced to live incognito, he will rediscover the path of the Force and will start wielding a lightsaber again to fight against the Empire after the event. Dramatic, giving new hope to the rebellion. The sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has just been announced.

Fallout 76 is an MMORPG by Bethesda and Zenimax based on the popular post-apocalypse series. After a rather difficult start, the game has recovered thanks to the long and wide support shown by the developers, and recently reached 13.5 million players, which indicates the excellent state of the netizens, so this can be an excellent opportunity to launch into this world.

Axiom Verge 2 It is instead an indie game by Thomas Happ, a sci-fi Metroidvania game featuring an old-school 2D look. After the excellent first chapter, this second chapter takes the general structure and expands it further, offering some interesting new ideas.

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Recall thatOfficial announcement In January 2023, the PlayStation Plus games should take place on Wednesday, December 28th at this point, with release likely on January 3rd, 2023, but at this point, also considering the holidays in between, it’s possible that there could be differences on that.


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