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Law against transgender people: Arkansas governor veto

Governor Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson has vetoed a proposed law to ban hormone therapy for gender youth in the state. The conservative politician within the Republican Party said the proposed law strongly reflects government interference in the privacy of minors, their parents and doctors.

If the plan is to become law, the politician said, “we will create new standards of legislative intervention in the affairs of physicians and parents when dealing with one of the most complex and important issues concerning youth.” Hutchinson, however, said the government should not “position itself at the center of every medical, human and ethical issue” – however, it had recently signed a regulation based on abortions. It is considered illegal even after rape or incitement.

When asked about treatments for transgender people, Hutchinson said the bill was well-intentioned but very comprehensive. If he had banned sexual restoration surgery, he would have signed it. The Conservative also admitted that he could violate his veto in the state parliament. Arkansas is one of the few U.S. states where a simple majority is sufficient. There the law was passed by a majority.

Trance girls are excluded from the game

The struggle between the conservative and progressive forces campaigning for lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people is now particularly bitter, and has therefore abruptly changed its political direction. Instead, he cites two laws he has already signed that regulate transgender people: either allowing physicians to refuse emergency treatment to people based on their religious or ideological attitudes. The second offers to exclude trance women from women’s sports teams.

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Instead, Hutchinson seems to depend on the Arkansas film: Hutchinson said this government should not be a state that is considered to be rejected by homosexuals and homosexuals. “We want to send a message of tolerance and diversity.”

The Arkansas branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has appealed to parliament not to ignore the governor’s veto. “This veto belongs to thousands of people in Arkansas who have spoken out against this discriminatory law – especially young people, parents and pediatricians who have never stopped fighting this anti-trans attack,” said Holly Dickinson, director of ACLU in Arkansas.

Dozens of other bills in the United States

Nationwide, at least 16 other U.S. states are enacting similar laws that make it very difficult to treat transgender people. In all, Republicans introduced 93 bills related to transgenderism in at least 22 states in 2021 alone, as the LGBT organization criticized the human rights campaign. Critics of the treatment ban point to the risks to young people who may be psychologically vulnerable.

Proponents of treatment barriers argue that they want to protect children and adolescents from interference, and then they may regret it. They allege that treatment therapists underestimate the side effects and cases that transgender people want to alter their sexual restoration decision.