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Latina, Coletta confirmed the mayor: "Now working for the good of the city."  Fdi freezes him: "ready to discourage him"

Latina, Coletta confirmed the mayor: “Now working for the good of the city.” Fdi freezes him: “ready to discourage him”

Damiano Coletta won the wool elections in Latina, where he won again almost a year after the results of 22 categories were annulled by the TAR. After a very long night, the municipal website published the final results a few minutes before ten o’clock.

Latino Elections, Vote Again for Mayor: A Test for Policies. Inspection from 11 p.m

The vote was an important test from the point of view of the policies of September 25, and Coletta won in a situation that was significantly changed at the national level than eleven months earlier.

This is the final result of the study in 22 sections published on the website of the Municipality of Latina.
And this is a confirmation of the new votes added to the 96 categories voted in October:

Similarly, Zacchaeus failed to win the first round and ended up with 48.30% of the votes. As a result of this decision, the situation will not change compared to the October referendum and therefore, as explained by the provincial council last month, there will be no need for a new ballot.

9.45 a.m. when first note from Goleta and coming from left center. “According to the data at our disposal Damiano Coletta was re-elected Latino mayor.” The first statements of the mayor are these: “It was a serious night – Damiano Coletta, 62, a cardiologist – and the joy of doing it once again repays me for all the sacrifices we made in this particular period. . I thank the city for giving me hope for the third time, and in business I can’t wait to get involved again, and it will happen immediately, because Latino politics is needed and this is a very important moment for our community. Since 2016, we have pointed out a specific path for the city’s present and future, and we are confident that we can use the best forces and the best tools to ensure sustainable, critical growth. We are and above all it guarantees the results that Latinas deserve. . I will immediately strive to achieve the necessary political balance with all forces that want the good of society. Now, there are no more obstacles, run away. The time has come, I am ready, and so is the city ».

It didn’t take long for reactions from the Democratic national delegation, starting with the secretary of the Democratic Party. Here’s the insight: Vittoria de Coletta, Leta: “Many speeches about predictions and polls but we win if citizens in the flesh vote”
Reactions from the center right were also very close. Senator Nicola Calandrini announced that the coalition that failed to defeat the decision of the 2021 municipalities now wants to displease Mayor Damiano Coletta:
Elections in Latina: Fdi first party, then Lega, Lbc and Pd Calandrini: “Coletta to prepare for center-right”

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Update 12.55
Vincenzo Saccio’s first words were not enough to win him the first round after tonight’s finish.

“My sincere thanks to the Latin citizens – says Vincenzo Zaccheo in a post published on Facebook at 12.40 – who rewarded me, allowing me to reach 60.5% of the votes in these difficult elections in mid-August. Just 22 categories. This has already made me achieve the first result: clean and free Conducting elections, citizens deserve from the beginning ».You will remember, to win the first round, you need to get 61.5% of the votes in these 22 categories.

“It is a privilege for me – continues Zacchaeus – to reconnect with many fellow citizens, exceptional people, who have changed the discomfort of years of inactivity in the proposal. Above all, the youth and the inhabitants of the villages, abandoned and neglected for years, have joined us in this adventure. The voters have expressed themselves clearly. , to me and the center-right parties have expressed a greater consensus and determined what will be the status of a government without a clear majority. This is an element of reflection for the re-elected mayor ».

Updated at 9.40
“I won for the third time and now it’s time to go back to work for the good of the city,” says Damiano Coletta after rejoicing for the victory. This is a photo of Goleta and representatives of the left center taken at the Election Committee, after they examined these supporting materials:

Update 9.20
The Latino County site reports final ballot numbers, but no percentages yet. Vincenzo Sacchio scored 5877 runs against Damiano Coletta’s 3375 runs. Zacchaeus received 59.19% of the 22 categories in the voting, compared to 10,348 valid votes: he would need 61% to get the sum of the other categories he voted for in October and whose result the TAR did not overturn. 50.01% of the votes are needed to win the first round.

Update 9.05
“We are waiting for the officer”. Damiano Coletta says with a smile. After a very long and exhausting night, at four o’clock in the morning he began to fear the worst, and he actually resisted the recovery of Vincenzo Saccio, now flying towards confirmation. “Finally we did a half miracle,” he says with satisfaction. “At a time when the right is against the polls of Latin politics, they are calling me from all over Italy,” says the 62-year-old cardiologist. “Ninety wins are so beautiful,” he adds, with an inevitable reference to football for him, who has a past as a professional footballer.

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Update on 9
After a long night of research, with slow operations, still unofficial data confirms the victory of the fallen mayor after the TAR conviction. Vincenzo Zaccheo did not exceed the 50% needed to win in the first round, but that is a few votes short. Final inspection work is in progress. The vote affected 22 sections that were repealed by the TAR ruling.

Update 4.00
The official results are still in the four studied categories. Unofficials from representatives on the list have reached 10, however, the turnout has been very slow. Counting of mayoral candidates are closed divisions

Update 3.05 hrs
Both candidates have avoided the limelight and are pursuing these rigorous studies. Damiano Coletta is at home with some of his collaborators. Vincenzo Zaccheo, on the other hand, lives in an apartment overlooking Piazza del Popolo, where he has established his headquarters. Some time ago this photo was published in a story by the coordinator of Forza Italia Giovanni, Luca Palmegiani. Vincenzo Zaccheo follows Egidio Fia, Monitor’s broadcast, while Pasquale Cangianiello interviews Luca Palmegiani:

Refresh for 3 hours
The first official results are in, and the first 4 categories have been scrutinized. Zaccheo 56%, Coletta 39.49%.

Update 2.30 hrs
It was a head-to-head between Damiano Coletta and Vincenzo Saccio. In 22 categories, the center-right candidate has an advantage over his rival, but he still lacks an absolute majority in the total between yesterday’s vote and eleven months ago, although half the votes are missing. A sense that the final result will take dawn. Zacchaeus is slowly closing in on a 50.01 percent share of the vote and therefore winning the first round, but at the moment some simulations give him 49.8.

Update 1.05 hrs
Unofficial data for another category. 103, in the center, and via Botticelli. Here Coletta won in October and finished ahead of Zacchaeus today. Eleven months ago it was 264 to 230, and tonight Zacchaeus had 223 votes and Coletta 209. Other mayoral candidates have practically disappeared.

Update at 00.15
The first unofficial results came in four minutes after midnight. Section 95, Da Vinci School. It was one of 4 categories that Coletta won in October, and in fact he won by a landslide, 49% of the vote against 34. Tonight his advantage was practically nil, he got only 14 votes. According to the first unofficial data from 214 to 200 it was over. By October it was 275 to 181.

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Updated at 11.10 pm

Voting started at 11pm, with 50.52% votes, one in two, in short.

Update to 20.20
Voter turnout was high in three segments. 103 voters were registered via Botticelli, where it was 46.6% (it was 42.2% in October). Then 110 (Borgo Sabotino) reached 45%, seven points higher than eleven months ago. Finally, 44 (Istituto Einaudi) was 43% and yesterday it reached 45%.

It will be updated at 7.15 pm

19 on 40.57%, official data has come in with a voter turnout of 8,018. In October, the figure was 37.27% across all constituencies, but polling was also held on Mondays. The data comes from 22 polling stations where Bis was invited to vote.

Update on 13
Complicating any possible comparison between the two polling figures is the fact that in October 16.05% covered all 116 constituencies, while today’s relates to the 22 constituencies you have to vote for.

Update 12.50
Disaggregated data on voter turnout (coming from polls conducted by list representatives) are more varied. There are segments where it reaches 20%, while others stop at 14%. But all parties are very cautious in commenting on this number.

Updated at 12.30 p.m
The voter turnout was actually slightly higher than last October’s polls. According to this first survey, those who thought few would go to the polls were wrong: practically the same people returned to vote eleven months ago, and could even vote on Mondays. 16.68% voter turnout in 22 constituencies at 12 noon, compared to 16.05% last October. So far 3,297 voters have cast their votes. Next survey at 7 pm.

Updated at 11.30 am
Fewer than 20,000 people are eligible to vote in this mini-election round. Here is the data reported by the Latin Province:

Update 10.52 hrs
Mini-elections in Latinas: Voting continues. The first polling will be held at 12 noon. Last October it was 16.05%.


One page runs Vincenzo ZaccheoFormer Member of Parliament of An and former mayor of Latino and civil mayor of Lbc, disintegrated: Damiano Coletta. But it’s a repeat of the first round for all aspiring mayors who are apparently returning to the race.

Although there were some problems in setting up the polling booths yesterday, the election machinery started smoothly in the end. Here’s Eve’s story:

Where to vote
Here’s all the details on these mini-elections, starting with the list and addresses of the 22 constituencies we’ll be voting on today for the first round of the last administration: