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Last Chance to Get the Furniture Bonus: It’s Going to Be Abolished in 2025, and We Need to Move Fast

Last Chance to Get the Furniture Bonus: It’s Going to Be Abolished in 2025, and We Need to Move Fast

Check out the last chance to get the furniture bonus. As of next year it will be canceled so we will have to hurry.

After cuts already expected in the 2024 budget, it appears that the furniture bonus may be subject to further cuts with the 2025 budget law, and this change could mean the end of the incentives currently available for purchasing furniture and appliances. Currently, the benefits include one 50% discount on renovationsBut that system is now in jeopardy. The government is considering a reform that could turn automatic tax breaks into on-demand contributions.

You still have a little time to get the furniture bonus –

Under the proposal, minimum limits could be introduced for the renewal bonus and Irpef deductions could be converted into direct contributions. The aim of these changes is to simplify the regulatory rules, limit tax incentives that are considered too generous, and impose stricter limits on spending to avoid opportunistic behavior. These changes reflect an attempt to balance financial sustainability The need to support the renovation sector And furniture. Now you can see how much is left for the furniture bonus.

Furniture Bonus, Only a Little Time Left: What Discounts Are Still Available

The mobile bonus is gradually disappearing from the Italian regulatory horizon. Recent years have seen a series of progressively sharp reductions in the ceiling of deductible spending, which has led to a significant reduction in the benefits offered to citizens. Starting in 2021 with a maximum of €16,000, the bonus was subsequently reduced to €10,000 in 2022, then to €8,000 in 2023 and finally It will be significantly reduced to 5000 euros in 2024..

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The mobile bonus will be cancelled at the last chance.
How much time is left for the furniture bonus –

This reduction means that taxpayers can only deduct 50% of the costs of high-energy furniture and large appliances, up to a maximum of €2,500, spread over ten annual instalments. As 2025 approaches, Putting the furniture bonus in the balanceWithout additional funding provided for in the upcoming budget law, the benefit will likely not be available starting in the new year.

This uncertain prospect is influenced by the difficult economic situation faced by the government of Giorgia Meloni, with possible cuts also in the renovation bonus, the main reference for the furniture bonus. The continued decline in benefits represents a A clear attempt to contain public spendingAt the same time, it is also curbing incentives for home interior renovations. This means that citizens will see fewer financial benefits when they intend to invest in furniture and appliances for their homes. Meanwhile, other incentives for home renovations, such as the Green Bonus, are set to be eliminated by the end of 2024.

Until then, the Green Bonus allows a 36% discount on a maximum expenditure of €5,000 to improve the green spaces of real estate units. With the New Year, the discount on standard renovations will return to 36%, with Ecobonus and Sismabonus combined with The maximum support ceiling has been reduced to EUR 48,000.The Super Bonus, which was a major initiative to promote energy efficiency and seismic safety, will also undergo major changes, with the discount reduced to 65% and new restrictions on credit offsets.