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Lamborghini "studies" electricity: Porsche Taycan appears in Sant'Agata

Lamborghini “studies” electricity: Porsche Taycan appears in Sant’Agata

Lamborghini there… “Recascata”. after youtube Farrix In recent days he tweaked a Ferrari SF90 in Sant’Agata, this time it was one Porsche Taycan To have a look at the del Toro brand factory. Also this time there is a file video To prove it, it was filmed and posted online by the same YouTuber.

The motivation for the Taycan in Sant’Agata is similar to that of the SF90. In the case of the Rossa di Maranello, Lamborghini has studied the V12 hybrid in anticipation of heiress models from the Aventador, Huracán and Urus, which will be exclusively hybrids. As for Taycan, on the other hand, the study is aimed at the project now known to All-electric Lamborghiniarriving in 2028. Since the technology and components will come from the parent company Volkswagen – the owner, as is known, also of Porsche – making 2 + 2 is quite simple.

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Porsche Taycan in Sant’Agata: Lamborghini “in the school” of electricity

Therefore it is First tests made by Lamborghini in relation to it full electric. With an exceptional hero like Urus. Could this zero-emissions model be a new SUV? For now, it’s only about hypotheses or rumours, such as the one about how Taurus decided its first 100% electric model would be a GT-like concept for the 2014 Asterion.

The fact that Taycan was immortalized with open the back door: That Lamborghini was conducting aerodynamic tests? Or is it just a test of the aforementioned tailgate opening system? Until the official updates arrive, fans and professionals can indulge in hypotheses. What is certain is that the first electric Lamborghini is on the launch pad.

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