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Lamborghini: l’erede della Aventador sarà plug-in

Lamborghini: Aventador heir will be a plugin

Little is missing – The Lamborghini Aventador, the supercar of the house of Sant’Agata Bolognese distinguished by its sharp lines and performance, after 10 years of a respectable career, has left the scene. It will soon be replaced by new model who can be summoned RevueltoAgo Lamborghini Recently registered this name, which is expected to debut in the coming weeks before the start of sales scheduled for the beginning of 2023With prices starting from 450 thousand euros.

V12 . Hybrid Engine – Replacing the Aventador will be a brand new car. There will be someone who pays it Unprecedented 12 discs Inhaled with the help of an electric motor powered by an external rechargeable battery. An electrical unit designed to increase performance more than save money. The current supplied by the battery should be enough to travel about 20 km at “zero emissions”, however, in this case, the introduction of a hybrid powertrain improves response speed at low revs and maximum power: we are talking about 900 HP combined. Confirmed data 4×4 traction and dual-clutch robotic gearbox. In addition, the additional hybrid technology will allow Lamborghini to comply with future provisions regarding environmental pollution, which will be increasingly restrictive.

Classic Lambo car – As we see above drawing The heir to the Aventador will not abandon the angular lines and Low and simplified formsA true Taurus supercar brand, however, it will offer new aesthetic elements such as the small triangular headlights.