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Lamboirghini Urus Performante, Engine Rhythm Playlist on Spotify

Lamboirghini Urus Performante, Engine Rhythm Playlist on Spotify

Lamborghini Aurus Performance I was amazed at his might V8, an engine that generates 666 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque at only 2,300 rpm, in addition to ensuring acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 306 km / h. The assembly is inspired by the sound of this engine V8 Engine Songs: A Spotify playlist that makes itself heard”Deep and rhythmic.”Intense cylinder sound: This is the tool that best represents the combustion effect of a V8 engine and emphasizes the movement of the pistons inside the cylindershe explains Mauro Mutonithe all-NHV vehicle coordinator at Lamborghini, who worked on the project with Alex TricariciWorld famous music producer.

Deep, regular sound

Two V12- and V10-tuned Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae and Huracán Tecnica debut on SpotifyCurrently It’s the turn of the V8 engine in the Urus Performanteto continue A musical celebration of Lamborghini heat engines. “To create the playlist, as always, I started from analyzing the engine’s base frequencyTrecarichi, creator of The Engine Songs trilogy along with Lamborghini’s sound engineers, explains:In the case of the Urus, the parameter returned was 50 Hz, which corresponds to the basic vibrations of the battery. Therefore, the beat should be an important part of the playlistApply again Instant conversion formulasKing with helpArtificial intelligenceAnd the The eight-cylinder Urus’ expressive three stages (parking, cruising and top speed) found their corresponding sound. That’s how they were born 24 songs to listen to while accelerating, climbing, cornering and braking. At minimal revs, the Urus Performante sings in C, the same key as the electrosalsa for Un gitano perdido by Gabriel Dominguez. At four thousand rpm, the vibrations in G chime, which gives off the spirit of Boogie Fever. At seven thousand rpm, here comes the harmonious C SHARP of White Lies and Is My Love Enough?

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What is a file Psychoacoustics

a A mixture of engine and music Which was born by exploiting the principles of Psychoacoustics, or the science that blends subjective emotion with the physics of sound and is able to transform the experience behind the wheel into feeling and imagination. “Driving the Urus Performante with The Engine Songs playing in the background makes you want to travel north, with no set destinationTrecarichi says. “Instead, I imagined a rally path deep into the United States. Have fun behind the wheel with my best friendthought Mautone.

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