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Lagazoy, a 68-year-old anesthesiologist, falls into the void and loses his life

Lagazoy, a 68-year-old anesthesiologist, falls into the void and loses his life

The doctor was taking a trip with his wife and another person, walking the path to the upstream entrance to the galleries.

Lagazuoi, according to the reconstruction, the doctor stumbled and fell into the void

The mountain rescue helicopter carried out a reconnaissance operation and found the dead body at a depth of one hundred meters.

The lifeguard and medical team landed the crane, but there was nothing to be done for the 68-year-old.

Cortina’s tax police came up with the findings. A second team took care of the healing of the body.

Who was Dr. Glorialanza, the doctor who rushed to Lagazoie

Eugenio Glorialanza was with his wife and another person, who was heading to the upstream entrance to the galleries, when he stumbled and fell on the side of the road and fell into the void.

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from La Sapienza in April 1979), from 1982 to 2016 Director of Anesthesiologist and Pain Therapist at Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.

In the past few years, the anesthesiologist worked in various clinics in the capital, before the tragedy.

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