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Ladies' paradise 6, on which side is Ludovica?

Ladies’ paradise 6, on which side is Ludovica?

Ladies’ paradise 6, on which side is Ludovica?

Boy Ladies’ Paradise 6And Which side is Ludovica on? So vegan x de Adelaide? The question that arises spontaneously after watching Episode 65 of season 6 of soap. La Brancia has a special relationship with the Countess which allows her to redeem herself in Milano Bene. At the same time he establishes a relationship with the daughter of Ravasi.

The Paradise of the Ladies 6, does Adelaide know about the kiss between Flora and Umberto?

Adelaide Note that Umberto change. He has become a requirement: he has the face of those who make mistakes in investing. Not investing money this time, but confidence. From the first day Flora entered Guarnieri’s house, she was Risk. If they hadn’t watched Ravasi, they wouldn’t have discovered her secrets. In Circolo, the Countess met a partner who told her that the Designer and the Commendatore looked alike “amazing couple”. Umberto reassures her. He has only one woman. They just have to write the end of this drama that will be beautiful only to them. Contessa seems relaxed at the moment, but we can’t rule out that she knows about the kiss or that she’s finding out.

Ladies’ paradise 6, Ludovica cheating on Flora?

Giulia Arena (Ludovica Brancia di Montalto) in a scene from episode 51 of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

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Flora reveals to Barancia that there is a moment of middle between her and Umberto. It’s a kiss. Adelaide can kill for much less! Flora has this feeling Umberto feels threatened. Commendatore went to the atelier and used to keep people close at hand. Flora doesn’t think she said anything that might upset him. He cannot leave immediately. Can’t pack up and go. A countess thrives on doubt. Ludovica undertakes to investigate and make any discoveries to her.

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We are not sure this will happen. At the moment we see this scenario as more likely: that Ludovica reports everything to the Countess. At this moment it is about speculation.