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Ladies' paradise 6, how do Adelaide and Umberto get their revenge?

Ladies’ paradise 6, how do Adelaide and Umberto get their revenge?

Ladies’ paradise 6, what are the risks for Adelaide and Umberto?

At Villa Guarnieri Adelaide Cup repair in Episode 64 of season 6. Ironing Umberto, keep thinking vegan. That girl overwhelms the senses of a leader. Contessa can’t explain how she can be sure she didn’t see Gallo’s file in the safe. What can Umberto do to reach the end of his path to the truth? Maybe these are from Adelaide Paranoid suggestions. Does he realize what they are risking? They should dispel any doubt.

The Paradise of the 6 Ladies, how do Adelaide and Umberto get revenge on Flora?

Roberto Farnesi (Umberto Guarnieri) in a scene from episode 64 of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

At Villa Guarnieri Italo He goes out on errands. She wouldn’t buy gifts for her family. He spends Christmas with the Guarnieri who have become his family. Adelaide is not happy with decorations. Italo leaves Flora Restaurant alone as both Adelaide and Umberto are out for dinner, too. A personal butler is at your disposal. Flora is happy to be alone. In fact, once Italo is out he goes to the Umberto studio and Approaching the safe. Look in the Commendatore’s drawers. He has to hurry up and find the set to unlock…nothing to do. It puts everything back in place, but the thread breaks. It is not casual. It’s a trap.

Heaven of the Ladies 6, what’s Adelaide’s next move against Flora?

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Umberto later enters his studio. Notice the thread is dangling. Think back when he found Flora there. The plan worked. Someone tried to open the safe and the wire broke. According to the Commendator, they should remain calm. Hypocritical Flora. Umberto realizes he lied to him as he looks him straight in the eye. Adelaide told him from the start. Umberto agrees with the Countess. Do you think you are the only one who understands people? From this moment on we do what the countess says who wants to see how good she is at playing their part “beloved guest”. We’re afraid to find out how Adelaide and Umberto get revenge on Flora.

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