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Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 14, 2022: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 14, 2022: Episode

Preview of Ladies’ Paradise 6 14 April 2022

Ladies’ Paradise 6 The April 14, 2022 Waiting for you On Rai 1 at 15:55, except for changes in programming by the network. Alternatively, you can also follow the episode Ray Play Broadcast live or on demand.

Below you will find previews of Ladies’ Paradise 6 From 14 April 2022!

Roberto Farnesi (Umberto Guarnieri) in a scene from episode 139 of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 149 Plot

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Dante He is a skilled manipulator. He approaches people in a gentle manner. Earn the trust of those around you. He convinces everyone (or almost everyone) of his good intentions. In fact, he seems to only put his interests at heart. He had plotted several times behind the backs of others, just thinking about how he had obtained the Heaven Arrows. put boss With their backs to the wall. Umberto He is a man who knows how to be in the world. He is sarcastic and ruthless when he wants to. Yet he has shown that he has a heart and knows how to relate to people. Dante, on the other hand, still did not convince us in this sense. He was acting like a gentleman with BeatriceIncluding compliments, dinners, and rides. However, every relationship is based on sincerity. Honesty is not the backbone of the relationship between Romagnoli and Conte, given that Dante keep lying to him Beatrice about the deal with the Americans.

Vittorio He never trusted the man who was also his lover in the past Marta (!). Therefore, he asks Roberto to help him. He needs an ally to investigate Romagnoli’s movements.

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fiornza He has a pleasant conversation with Torrebruna. Trust me Ferdinand who – which Flavia He has an illness. It is possible to have surgery, but it will take place in a major US clinic. Ferdinand Did not see where the problem lies. He offers to pay for the surgery out of his own pocket.

Flavia She is a very proud woman, but recent breakthroughs do not allow her to be proud. Accept help, but it sets a condition. He doesn’t want that Ludovica aware of intrusion on FerdinandAnd But it’s too late…