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La Sapienza, author "gets a degree without taking all the exams".  I BM: "He used the homosexuality case"

La Sapienza, author “gets a degree without taking all the exams”. I BM: “He used the homosexuality case”

A case Homosexuality Allowed In the name of SergioUniversity Professor WisdomTo get one Graduation Inside Physics. One goal – obviously – is unqualified, as the professor of economics does not take all the exams necessary for a graduate. The complicated story involving the accused teacher yesterday Triggering ideological lies.

Facts – According to the attorney’s office, in 2003 Barley joined the Faculty of Physics. With him is another Sergio Perry, who decides to embark on that university path. The first, who was sent for interrogation, says one Ten choices, And then stop. Saga, on the contrary, Goes Inside Education. A few years later, he is called Professor of Economics Secretariat Department: Tells him he needs to discuss Thesis. In other words, it can Graduate. Roman University administrators are confused and show the green light to the wrong person. One error – according to lawyers – favors the bar. Despite noticing the error of the bureaucratic machine, the teacher decided to graduate.

Accusation and Security – The person involved explained, ”he pointed out to executivesWrong And should have been Promised“According to him, the words of the secretariat would have prompted him to discuss the final document without much thought. Editor-in-Chief, Criminal Attorney Generous BugliaruloHe insisted, initially, the same Indictment The power of attorney is very serious: “My client has been charged Constructed Everything from the beginning. Instead, before the judge of the preliminary hearing, the plaintiff for a crime Innocent With the formula ‘Because Not true”. The main offense was weakened. “But I firmly believe – including Pacliarulo – that we will drop this charge at trial as well.” Marcello CassiniBeryl – who holds the position of professor – is a bit strange not knowing the requirements required to access the title.

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