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La Maddalena, medical department toward closure, alarming

La Maddalena, medical department toward closure, alarming

La Maddalena Hospital.

The The Department of Medicine at La Maddalena Hospital is about to closeAsking for the intervention of the mayors. The very serious health situation of the island, due to a shortage of personnel necessary to cover first aid shifts, Putting 20 beds at risk from the cast.

Local policy is filled.

First the minority that asked The mayor to urgently convene a municipal council. “The Continuous Deconstruction of Paolo Merlo – Board members Rosana Giudice, Annalisa Giulino, Manila Salvati, Alberto Moredo and Giovanni Manconi said.– Having now reached the stage of the last rash, as evidenced by the complaints of citizens, the discontent of health cadres and recent press articles denouncing the inefficiency and the state of suffering of the health structure, it requires an immediate and frank confrontation with senior officials Politicians Regional Health Department. We demand a radical change to Paolo Merlo, So that the right to health care is guaranteed to all Sardinians“.

Mayor Fabio Lai She responded to the minority appeal, with an urgent city council call مجلسBy writing a letter to the President of the Social Health Conference Roberto Rajneida asking him to attend the session. “It’s an unprecedented emergency but everyone’s help is needed – Mayor announces –. I hope that those who are on sick leave will be able to recover as quickly as possible in order to help the city and colleagues who, with great sacrifices and a sense of duty, carry out the services themselves. The ATS system with centralized resources and personnel management has failed miserably. To have a chance, it is necessary to restore ASLs, but with administrative powers.”

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Viva is also of concern to the FP-CGIL trade unions, who have declared a state of incitement to all Paolo Merlo employees. He asked the governor to hold a meeting. “The series of initiatives implemented by the ATS Sardinia administration with the clear approval of the Department of Health – announced – They are driving the closure of the Maddalena healthcare facility. Since the Covid emergency, there has been no reintegration of the missing staff, and also through the extensive use of so-called additional services, it has reached full saturation of hourly staff performance and excessive workload with peak burnout for the overwhelming majority of part of the staff.”

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