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la demo Valley of the Ancient va su PS5 e Xbox Series X a 30 fps -

la demo Valley of the Ancient va su PS5 e Xbox Series X a 30 fps –

Unreal Engine 5 It seems to do well in both PS5 and Xbox Series X. And in a recent Gamespot interview with Epic Games, it emerged that the popular game experimental Old valley va a 30 frames per second On both platforms.

The Frame rate So it’s not the best, but the graphics quality in the demo is impressive and the fact that it can remain steady at 30fps on both devices is good news for the new devices. That, at least, is what was mentioned by technical designer Chance Ivey and Vice President of Engineering Nick Benwarden, who were interviewed for the occasion.

The Unreal Engine 5 demo Valley of the Ancient was released to the public

On the other hand, we already knew that the Unreal Engine 5 Demo ran at 30fps and with Dynamic accuracy On the PS5 show time, but the fact that it performs practically the same on the Xbox Series X, at least in terms of frame rate, is new because Epic Games always talked about PS5 only.

The interview came on the occasion of the public release of Valley of the Ancient, which can also be tried on PC although it is too big to manage. “It will be downloadable for everyone and can be tested. The demo runs at 30 frames per second on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and we want to aim for the next generation of consoles to see what it can be.” giochi next generation With this technology. “

Bearing in mind that the presentation has been presented as being closely related to the PS5 hardware and in particular its hardware SSD, So much so that it seems impossible to reproduce on other devices, at least as Tim Sweeney and Epic Games mentioned at first, the developments of the matter are very interesting, given that we’re now talking about a homogeneous standard on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as releasing the same show. Demo on the computer.

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