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Kylie’s lawyer: ‘Money in the house belongs to Pancheri’ – Chronicle

“Miss Kylie He never admitted that he asked his father to transfer the money to “hide” the money found in his house.: A lawyer for Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, a former vice-president of the European Parliament, told Kathimerini’s website that “Ms. Kylie learned of the money at the last minute, and immediately its owner, Mr. Pancheri”.

Along with these reports, the lawyer commented on an article published in the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, according to which the Socialist Party MEP allegedly confessed to telling his father to hide the money, after which the police found it in a suitcase. The time the man was arrested.

According to his lawyer, Kylie says she was told about the money when her partner was arrested Near the garage of their house. At the time, according to his lawyer, the former vice president was trying to find the owner of the money, or Pancheri, who was trying to hand it over to him.

“One option is to hand over her partner to the police and the other is to return the money to its owner. Kyle has no obligation under European law to report her husband,” the lawyer said. Dimitrakopoulos finally made it clear His client denies any involvement in the case And noted: “All the assets in his possession are justified by his salary.”

According to Belgian newspaper Le Soir, Kylie, who has been in jail since December 9, admitted to investigators that she instructed her father to hide the money and that she was aware of the activities of her accomplice, Francesco Giorgi. Former MEP Antonio Panzeri. According to a French-language newspaper reconstruction, On the day of the blitz that led to her arrest, Kylie panicked when police stopped her partner as he left his apartment in rue Wiertz, just a stone’s throw from the European Parliament. Stopping briefly at the Sofitel, a high-end hotel in the heart of the European quarter, and alerting his father, he tried to escape with a suitcase full of cash, the former EP vice-president contacted Panzeri and two MEPs mentioned in the investigation, although their names were not mentioned.

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Flarant delicto – other banknotes were found at Kylie and Giorgi’s home – and an attempt to contaminate the evidence convinced a Belgian judge to arrest him. The Hellenic politician was jailed in Haren, a northeastern suburb of Brussels. He will appear in the council chambers on Thursday, December 22Who should decide whether to extend her detention or release her with or without conditions?

European Union Commission

“We know there are ongoing investigations and the events are serious. We need to clarify what happened but it is inappropriate to comment while the investigation is ongoing“. Peter Stano, a spokesman for the External Action Service, underlined in response to a question in an article in La Repubblica that the documents of the investigation would indicate the involvement of officials of the EU External Action Service. “The information is from the secret services, from what I have read, we will see,” said the Commission’s spokesman Eric Mamar. said.

Pancheri’s wife and daughter

It was The hearing was adjourned to January 3 The Brescia Court of Appeal is set to evaluate a request to extradite Silvia Panzeri, the daughter of former MEP Pier Antonio Banzeri, to Belgium, among those arrested in the Brussels investigation in the ‘Qatargate’ case. This morning the Brescian judges accepted a protected request to find out about the conditions of the prisons in Belgium. A similar request was denied yesterday for Panzeri’s wife, Maria Dolores Colleoni, who is on trial with her daughter for conspiracy to commit crimes, corruption and money laundering.