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Kovit, Biden: "Within 90 days, US intelligence will create documents with questions about the origin of the virus and China

Kovit, Biden: “Within 90 days, US intelligence will create documents with questions about the origin of the virus and China

Ninety days Time to neatly transform and deliver House Bianca Statement of origin Govt. 48 hours after the piece The Wall Street Journal It revealed the contents of an intelligence report tre virology at Wuhan It already had signs of compatibility with autumn 2019 Cold fever Oh SARS – Cove-2, President of the United States Osho Biden Insists on shedding light on birth Virus. It always addresses 007 United States, To whom he asked “Double Its efforts to collect and analyze information that is accessible to one Conclusion FirmOrigin of “Govt-19” and reporting to him “within 90 days”.

The Document It should also indicate “more Possibility Directions Survey, with specific questions China“It simply came to our notice then Intelligence Together “Workshops National And other agents must be fully informed about “a job.” Congress“. Biden He said “The In the states United We will continue to work with partners around the world to lobby China Participate in a thorough and transparent investigation based on scientific evidence and provide access to all relevant data and evidence ”.

Led by a team of researchersWHO He spent four weeks China, Then publishes a report in March Govt appeared in a Laboratory This is “not very possible”. But it has not been scientifically rejected. Further Anthony Fossie, Director and Consultant of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases White House On top of that Govt, Returned to the matter two days ago and said he did not believe it SARS – Cove-2 Created by Natural.

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When asked if the virus appeared naturally, Fuc c Responded: “I have no confidence, I think we need to investigate what happened China. Of course investigators say it Emergency Arises from a Animation It has affected individuals, but it could have been something else, we need to find out. This is why I am totally supportive An investigation“He was attacked by the media Condition Chinese, accordingly “The Morality The American elite is even more degenerate, and Anthony Fucci is part of it. ” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the United States was asking the WHO to support an investigation into the virus’ origins. Interruption e Politicization“.

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