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Kovid, Fucci: "There is a wave of unknown people in the United States, this is an issue"

Kovid, Fucci: “There is a wave of unknown people in the United States, this is an issue”

The trend of the epidemic in the United States

According to the Johns Hopkins University portal dedicated to Covid, they have so far managed in the United States 340,706,567 doses of Govt vaccine. 163 million people are fully vaccinated, making up 49.6 percent of the vaccinated population. very small. The alarm sounds Anthony Fossie, an immunologist and adviser to US President Joe Biden, is recording a wave among the unannounced “Covit-19”. “It simply came to our notice then. This is a problem that is why we beg those who do not come out in practice to be vaccinated, “he told CNN.

“First 50 percent of the country is not fully vaccinated, A problem, especially in the presence of someone Delta-like variant, It has extraordinary properties that are highly effective and easily transferable from person to person. We know that we have many vulnerable people in this country who have not been vaccinated. “In short,” America is going in the wrong direction. ”

Yesterday, July 25, new cases 14,637, 49 deaths, but it is the epidemic curve that worries virologists. “Looking at the growth curve of infections – he noted – we see them occurring among those who have not been vaccinated, which is a real problem as 50% of the country is not fully immunized against the virus.” A great reminder from the immunologist who came to every state of the Union last week recorded more infections than the previous week.

“Right now it’s really an epidemic among those who have been vaccinated – says Fucci – just like we have two Americas”.