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Kirby and the Lost Land, Nintendo Direct Preview

Kirby and the Lost Land, Nintendo Direct Preview

A new Nintendo Direct has revealed some exciting information about Kirby and the Lost Land, a game that promises to revolutionize the historical franchise.

With all things rolled out next semester, it’s really hard to pick a game that’s more predictable. Elden ring, perhaps? triangle strategy? Horizon 2? Well, let’s talk about it, because the new Nintendo Direct told us some news about it Kirby and the Lost Landwhich comes out next March 25, and it would be hard to remain indifferent if you liked the Pink Puff of the Great N.

That new address Hal Lab It was a little revolution that was already understandable with the previous trailer – get ready for us preview For first impressions – but it now seems almost certain that the main source of inspiration was Super Mario Odyssey, and that can only bode well.

Boccomorphosis is coming!

Kirby and the Lost Land, Morphodistributor shoots cans at enemies

The new trailer doesn’t show us general gameplay from different angles – literally, as the different stages seem to approach exploration from different perspectives – but it does reveal a new mechanic that initially seemed redundant, but then, by continuing to see, suggested Much more potential than expected. he is called Boccomorphosis It is precisely this function that reminds us so much of Super Mario Odyssey and the power of Cappy that allowed Mario to impersonate enemies and exploit their special abilities. In practice, Boccomorphosis allows you to absorb inanimate objects and use them in the most diverse way. At the start of the trailer, Kirby absorbs a car and gains strength Morphoauto: It practically stretches above the vehicle like a tarp and the player can drive it around the stage, hitting enemies and seemingly moving faster. And so far, as we’ve said, Boccomorphosis doesn’t seem to be anything special.

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Figure shown later in the trailer, file Morphodiestrepure, it’s actually more interesting but still a combat ability that allows Kirby, square and rag as a dealer, to shoot cans at enemies to defeat them from a distance. And from Morphoconos However, this trailer better represents the potential of Boccomorphosis. By absorbing the signal cone, Kirby can use his tip to break tubes and exploit the rising heater to reach inaccessible platforms. The Freight Mover does pretty much the same thing—literally extending Kirby toward a doorway in the stone wall—but they show that our hero Pink Fluff can give up a shift on the fly, using it only temporarily to navigate or solve an environmental puzzle.

Kirby and the Lost Land, Morfoanello is used to propel the boat
Kirby and the Lost Land, Morfoanello is used to propel the boat

On the other hand, Morfoanello is used to shape Kirby’s body so that he can direct and detonate air to propel a boat over the river, but this suggests that in the new adventure Kirby may not be able to float in the middle of it. Air as in the past, otherwise you wouldn’t need either Morphoanilo Nor in Morfoarco, as shown later, which allows him to fly in what looks more like a mini-game than a real stage. In short, it seems that Boccomorphosis is not limited to combat, but also and above all exploration and interaction with the environment. Morfolampadina, for example, allows you to illuminate dark stages, while a file balloon morpho It allows Kirby to fill his mouth with water to attack enemies or solve various puzzles. In short, this new mechanic has huge potential, but only by playing will we know if HAL Lab has been able to implement it in such a great way.

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There are new powers

Kirby and the Lost Land, Waddell City
Kirby and the Lost Land, Waddell City

Don’t think that Boccomorph will temporarily replace the legendary ability to absorb enemies and use their power, because this feature Kirby It comes back overwhelmingly, and with additional gear that really amazed us. In the second part of the trailer, we find out that our Waddle Dee – apparently that will be our target in the lost land of the title – will create Waddell City Which will be the base of operations for our adventure. As we fill it out, new services and content will be unlocked. We caught a glimpse of a pavilion with a camera drawn above the entrance that could be used to review the cinema, and a kind of plaza with two crossed swords that could denote a “prime lunge” mode if not a petite style. Kirby fighters 2.

However, the most interesting service seems to be the one he offersWaddle Dee Armory. Here we’ll be able to spend some resources – which in the trailer contain star-shaped tokens – to develop Kirby’s special abilities in the Enhanced Editions. For example, Lama, which allows us to throw a blade at the enemy, turns into Lama Chakram, which fires two blades, while Fire becomes volcano fireGreater range and offensive power. Besides the actual ability, Kirby’s appearance also changes: the hats become more detailed visually and sometimes our clothes also dress up as in the cases of Mega Sword and Ice Dadopagos. Some forces also possess more than one evolutionary form, the latter of which looks amazing and destructive.

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Kirby and the Lost Land, the power of the lama evolves into the chakram lama
Kirby and the Lost Land, the power of the lama evolves into the chakram lama

Now we just need to understand how much it affects the difficulty of the game. Kirbys have always been designed for a casual audience, winking above all for the little ones, and this can’t be beat, even in the presence of some RPG mechanics Like the ones mentioned above.

The new trailer for Kirby and the Lost Land promises a lot of exciting news that could make this new adventure of Pink Fluff a must-have for its fans. The game HAL Laboratory will have to show a level design worthy of the implemented features and a level of difficulty that does not make it completely superfluous as in the previous disappointing and very easy Kirby: Star Allies game. In a few weeks we’ll know if “Kirby Odyssey” has hit the mark.


  • Boccomorfosi has huge potential in terms of level design
  • Classical forces evolution is a breath of fresh air


  • Will it be at least more challenging than the last Kirbys?
  • The structure and division of phases remains to be clarified