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Kiev: "Russia is increasing its military activities."  Johnson: “You invaded Ukraine?  global catastrophe

Kiev: “Russia is increasing its military activities.” Johnson: “You invaded Ukraine? global catastrophe

It is not yet clear whether Russia She will decide to invade Ukraine, but for sure between January and February she will “invade” a significant part of the world’s seas for the exercises of the naval fleet. From Moscow, they announced that more than 140 ships, along with 60 aircraft and about 10,000 soldiers, would sail the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Mediterranean.

No Russia “invading” Anna Mari

Meanwhile, I strained a distance between put it in e Biden It reached decidedly unsettling tones. The US president said that “if a Russian military force moves across the Ukrainian border, There will be a harsh and united response from the United States and its alliesHe warned: “I think the Russians will enter Ukraine.”

The escalation of the Ukraine question is heating up relations between the major world powers. Biden sent a clear message to Moscow. The White House said the US president “also knows that the Russians have a broad line of aggression, including cyber attacks and paramilitary tactics, and has emphasized that these actions will have a decisive response.”

Ukraine, Johnson: “The attack would be a disaster for Russia and for the world.”

A hypothetical Russian military action in Ukraine would be a “disaster” for Moscow, but also for the entire planet. The British Prime Minister said that Boris JohnsonOn the sidelines of today’s visit to Taunton, England, they repeated for a thousand times the warning against the Kremlin with the Western allies. “If Russia invades Ukraine, of any size, I think it will be a disaster, and not just for Russia, it will be a disaster for the world,” Johnson said, adding that “the United Kingdom remains firmly allied for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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Russia and Putin organize naval exercises: 140 ships and 60 aircraft, between the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Mediterranean

“We agree that the only way is the political way, and that goes through dialogue.” The German Foreign Minister said that Annala Barbuk In Berlin with Anthony Blinken on the crisis in Ukraine. “Unfortunately, Russia speaks another language and military activities are increasing,” he adds. Indeed, in the next few hours, an exercise with Iskander missiles, which has a range of 500 km, will be held in Russia in the Kasputin polygon, in the Astrakhan region. The missile-equipped unit has already been put on alert for training. More than 400 soldiers from the Southern Military District are participating and they have already started moving to reach the range from the Krasnodar region.