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Katie Ledecky's "Little Extraterrestrial" Torpedoes, Lily King and Tori Hosk in Frog and Butterfly - OA Sport

Katie Ledecky’s “Little Extraterrestrial” Torpedoes, Lily King and Tori Hosk in Frog and Butterfly – OA Sport

Day two of the semi-finals and finals in Omaha (US) for the Olympic Swimming Trials, in effect as a select group of the Five States Rings team. Great times and a far-reaching challenge with what’s happening in Australia, in Adelaide, and that continues.

Starting from the last chapter of 100 Butterfly Women Dove Tori Husky She made additional adjustments to her American drive, and reached the limit 55 66 A stone’s throw from the Swedish world record Sarah Sjstrom (55″ 48). A high-level final saw second place in the 2004 class Claire Krzan (56″ 43) to precede Kate Douglas (56″ 56). By regulation, they were the first two people to take a ticket to Tokyo and the nomination for the leading roles exists, considering Huske is ranked second in the seasonal world with only 4 cents of the massive Chinese Zhang Yufei. We’ll see some good things in Japan.

He didn’t blow his mind Katie Ledecky. The Olympic and world freestyle champion in the eight pools had to give an answer to the Australian Ariarn Titmus who swam during her trials in the sensational time of 3’56″ 90 a few tenths of Katie’s world record (3’56″ 46). Well, Ledecky in a Nebraska pool just printed 4’01 01 27″ before Big Madden (4’04″ 86) H leah smith (4’06″ 27). The games ticket is there and it couldn’t have been otherwise for the first two secret stages, but clearly something more was expected of Katie for strong Titmus vitals, also due to a worse time experience of About 2″ compared to the 3’59 25 that the American signed this season. . Postponement of speech on the occasion of the Olympics, where the water will be white.

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a lot of tension Michael Andrew In the final chapter of the 100 men’s breaststroke. The American worsened his performance by 69 cents from the semi-finals to the final class, but for one cent he managed to win the Test in 58″ 73 before that. Andrew Wilson (58″ 74) e nothing about you (58″ 80). Pass for the first two and Andrew will try to break the 58 barrier on the most important occasion. Great times in the women’s 100 breaststroke semi-finals. reigning Olympic champion البطل Lily King He put them all in line with a stunning 1’04″ 72 that cemented his place as the leader of the major in the world rankings. Standard in this crazy discipline, if you take into account that three other athletes swam in a time trial of less than 1’06”: Annie Lazor (1’05″ 37), Lydia Jacobi (1’05″ 71) H Bethany Galat (1’05 96). We’ll see an exciting finale and watch the clock.

None in the semi-finals to ONE VELACINOR. The American ace decided to break the ice in the 200 freestyle by swimming a good 1’46” 63 in qualifying for a reference time trial in the light 4×200 sl Olympic. After that, he gave way to the others and was the best of the business before last. Kieran Smith, the winner of the 400 sl race, ahead of him with a time of 1’45 74 Zack Apple (1’46″ 22) H Townley Haas (1’46″ 30). The final is expected to be very balanced.

A very high level even in the semi-finals of the men’s 100 backstroke with five athletes under 53″ And with the Olympic champion Ryan Murphy To take the lion’s share with 52 22, the second world time of the year after Russian Evgeny Rylov (52 12). There were also great expectations in the semi-finals of Return of 100 women. in Australia Kylie McKeown, with a 57″ 45, broke the world record. Reagan Smith, the previous record holder 57 57, swam in these “suits” in the 57 92 (championship record) and the goal is to remove something more in the final class.

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