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Katia Ricciarelli Vs le Selassiè "Conspiracy over the nominations" / "Bad match!"

Katia Ricciarelli Vs le Selassiè “Conspiracy over the nominations” / “Bad match!”

As it often happens to big brother vipThe nominations moment are the hottest and most controversial. Even the 22nd broadcast on the air saw spirits light up during the clear nominations that, once again, only saw the majority women in the House of Representatives as champions. to me Selassie sisters It is the first nomination from “Singles”, as they were split in the last episode. However, when it turns out that all three girls have voted for the same contender, that is, Manila, there is a cry of conspiracy. And Katia Ricciarelli In particular, the three girls were accused of talking about a “conspiracy”.

Katia Ricciarelli attacks Selassie’s sisters, Signorini supports her!

“We did not agree!” Thunder Jessica SelassieHe tries to clarify his position. Katia RicciarelliHowever, he doesn’t agree at all and explains why: “There’s no need to agree if you two are together every day 24 hours!” The three sisters try to explain that it is no coincidence that the three voted for Manila this evening, but Katya does not want to hear this and accuses them: “Bad game!” However, Signorini warns them of the study: “If we see that all three continue to vote for the same person next time, you will obviously not tell anyone!”

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