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Kate Middleton, any style in Glasgow among the greats of the earth!

Kate Middleton, any style in Glasgow among the greats of the earth!

The Duchess in blue enchants the planet’s greatest, assembled at COP26. And with her husband and future kings, she takes over the reins of the new monarchy…

Kate Middleton, what a style! The Duchess of Cambridge has arrived in Glasgow, Scotland for COP26, the British-led climate conference. With William of England and Prince Charles with his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, Kate represents the crown (with many compliments to Harry and Meghan Markle) and never gives up on her personality: in an exploratory version by day and glamorous glamor by evening, she is always flawless and comfortable. And in blue, fascinates the greats of the earth – Photo | Video 1 | Video 2

Kate Middleton and William from England, behind the scenes of the ceremony organized their love – research

Queen’s message – Queen Elizabeth sends a loud and clear video message to the Greatest Planet Earth assembled in Glasgow for COP26. Her Majesty appears to be associated with the now famous “bla bla bla” by Greta Thumberg: “From the time of words, we must turn to the time of facts,” she warns, with a portrait of her beloved husband Philip of Edinburgh. . Prince Charles (first hour environmentalists) and his nephew William received the baton royal green, and the Queen says she could not be “more proud”. If the doctors force her to rest instead of a climate conference, this is the new Fab Four. With many regards to Harry and Meghan Markle who prefer to be rock stars in parties (research). “None of us will live forever,” said the mighty sovereign, but whatever we do for this planet, “it will be for the benefit of our children.”

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Kate Middleton, recently appeared very tight in the face… – research

Easily with Scouts and Mighty – Upon arriving in Glasgow, William and Kate (Earl and Countess of Strathairn in Scotland) met young Scouts involved in the #PromiseToThePlanet environmental campaign. Along with the Duke of Kent, Kate is the president of the Scout Association and it shows: the estate is impeccable and in activities with girls and boys – starting with preparing vegetables – the Duchess is in complete peace. And also at the meeting with the greats of the planet at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, where he made tributes with William and Charles of England with Camilla Parker-Bowles, and at the Clydeside Distillery: in a blue Ebonine London gown, high-heeled earrings, a matching bag, and precious diamond and topaz earrings, Kate excels on the spotlight. Those that matter…

Meghan Markle, unauthorized photo of the two-faced saboteur: victim of bullying and cunning climber except

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