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Kadyrov moved the Chechen special forces around the nuclear power plant: “We are occupying strategic points in Zaporizhia.”


«Chechen special forces Akhmat Regiment They occupy all strategic positions in the region ZaporizhiaThese are the captain’s words. ramadan is omnipotent Who came back to praise his soldiers’ skills, remembering a battle Mariupol. Therefore, it appears that this isSurprisewho had warned In the last hours, shortly after he announced the return of his army. “Before, I always told you to wait good news And after my words, you were always theirs. So, now, be patient and expect great results from our fighters on the front lines, ”said the Chechen leader. It was not long after the news arrived.

Threatening a large-scale attack

Only a few hours ago, it seemed that the Russians and the Ukrainians were heading toward an agreement. Or at least that was the real picture he postedAie, International Atomic Energy Agency. director Rafael Grossi He actually posted that there are good signs to create one Nuclear power plant safety zone And that consultations on this matter have already begun. «We discuss various technical characteristics, including the circumference of this safe area And what I see is that Both sides cooperate with us And they ask a lot of questions, ”Gross said. According to the analysis of the Russian media, Kadyrov’s move can be linked to the arrival of a planeLarge-scale attack in Kyiv. Russian news agency tax In fact, stating that armies Kyiv They will prepare it in the area of ​​the power station and the crossings. They transport powerful artillery, including M777 howitzer, capable of hitting targets with accuracy tens of kilometers away and multiple launch systems. to report it Vladimir Rogovhead of the “We are with Russia” movement, which is broadcast on national television.

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