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Juventus Women's - Sassuolo 5-4 DCR: Won the Super Cup Final!

Juventus Women’s – Sassuolo 5-4 DCR: Won the Super Cup Final!

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Juventus Women Sassuolo: Summary, slow motion, score, scoreboard and match history valid for Supercoppa semi-finals

the Juventus women With great difficulty in the final Super Cup. Penalty kicks were decisive last Saturday a Frosinone column Milan.

Juventus Sassuolo Women 5-4 DCR: Summary and slow motion

5, Caruso occasion – Great entry and a cross from an excellent position. But Lemy is confident and good in opposition

10′ Nelden Goal – Hyyrynen’s cross from the right, Filangeri returns to Staskova who has complex control in the area but in the end manages to finish the match. After Lemey heats up Nilden takes care of Grid amplification

11, Gaul Cleland – Zamanyan set-up error, Sassuolo striker quickly beats Rusucci and beats Berod Magnin non-stop

20 back to push juventus – Who is now trying to win again. Sassuolo closes and starts over

say 29 Decisive intervention on Dubcova, who sprinted dangerously towards the door

37 ′ Parisian shot – Conclusion to the extent that it releases carom in the area. In the end, he somehow frees up Juve’s defense

Suitable for baby walkers 44 inch – Risk an omelette of Sassuolo! Orsi’s back pass is completely out of size, Lemy must beat himself to recover the ball on the goal line. Then the goalkeeper of Sassuolo hypnotized Girelli with one move

49- Tero Cleland The extract is contaminated to the extent that it becomes harmless to Berod Magnin

57 Baresi shot – Everything comes from Cantor’s deep cut. Then the conclusion from the outside does not go far from the intersection. Sassuolo is better at the start of the second half

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59′ Walker Shooting- Rotate and inflate suddenly from the outside while shaving the shaft. Lemmy motionless, the ball out of nowhere

62- Tero Dubkova – He returns and kicks his oath. Easily prevents pyridoxine

69′ Nilden did not find Staskova – Big potential opportunity for the Bianconer. Caruso traces Nelden looking for Staskova in the middle. Lemay expects outgoing Czech

72′ Tero Putin – He does not put the door on the edge of Staskova’s exhaust

78′ vertical – He stands out and crushes on Hyyrynen’s cross. Lime Low Grip

88 shots Staskova – Try to surprise Lemey from the edge of the area. Weak, blocking the goalkeeper

90 + 2 Staskova head – Find the back post, but you can’t find the mirror

90 + 3, end game- Triple whistle, we go to penalty kicks

Penalty kicks

Putin is wrong about Lemy

Dubcova scores, only touching Berod Magnin

Gamma scores, the ball placed in the intersection

Cantor misses, the ball hits the crossbar

Girelli scores, Lemy senses but doesn’t arrive

Mahashi scores, and Beroud Magnin remains motionless

Bonansea scores, displaced Lemey

Cleland scores, displaced Berod Magnin

Pedersen scores, only touches Lemy

Philtjens misses and rejects Peyraud-Magnin

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Juventus Women’s Sassuolo 5-4 DCR: Results and Match Report

Networks: 10, Nilden, 11, Cleland

Juventus women (4-3-3): Berod Magnin; Hyyrynen (86′ Lundorf), Lenzini, Pedersen, Nilden (73 Gama); Rosucci (73° fast), Caruso, Zamani (60° Poatein); Bonance, Girelli, Staskova. everyone. Montemoro. Available. april, panzeri, cernoia, pvatner

Sassuolo (4-4-2): lemmy; Filangeri, Dongus, Philtjens, Orsi (90 Iriguchi); Dubcova, Mihashi, Parisi (70′ Benoit), Santoro; Cleland, Bojega (46 Cantor). everyone. Biovani. Available. Donna, Bandini, Ferrato, Brignoli, Bellingelli, Loria

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RuleCariano di Castellammare di Stabia

ammoniat: 38, Orsi, 65, Cleland

Juventus Women’s Sassuolo: Preliminary Match