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Juventus, Viola’s new shot after Vlahovic: the choice was made

Juventus, Tonight Challenge to Fiorentina from ex-Vlahovic in the Coppa Italia: selection has been made on the potential new shot of Viola.

There are high expectations, and also for the game, also for the welcome that the violet people will reserve for Dozan Vlahovic. The Serbian striker will find his old team for the first time in tonight’s Coppa Italia, first leg match. there Juventusthe cup holder, and aims to win the seventh final match in the past eight editions, while Fiorentina Dreams of victory, which he lost 21 years ago.

Juventus management © La Presse

The first leg will be played at the Franchi Stadium and there is great curiosity as to how Duzan Vlahovic, the former senior player in the race will be welcomed. Vlahovic belongs to a long list of players who exploded in the purple shirt and then moved to Juventus. From Baguio Federico churchPassing through Bernardeschi And the Kelliniwithout neglect CuadradoWith an interval of six months in London between the experiences of Viola and Juventus.

CM.IT poll, Milinkovic is the right man for Juventus

CM.IT Poll, Milinkovic Juventus' next shot from Fiorentina
Milinkovic © La Presse

That’s why we asked in our poll posted on the page Twitter to Calciomercato.itWhich, after Vlahovic, would be the best purchase of Viola by Juventus. The ideas were crystal clear and the result confirmed Nicolas’ clear superiority Milinkovic. The Serbian defender is definitely one of the prized pieces of the Lille team and was chosen by as many as 50% of the voters. Milenkovic is a profile that the great Italians have long admired and who knows if Tuscan, given the expiration of the contract in 2023, does not decide to deprive themselves of it in the summer.

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The second most voted name, with 36.1% of the electorate, was Vincenzo Italiana technician having excellent experience in spicesI managed to get the viola back to fight for a place in Europe.

CM.IT Poll, Milinkovic Juventus' next shot from Fiorentina
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On the other hand, very low rates for the other two names in the survey. 8.3% of the preferences collected by Gaetano CastrovilliWhile the Argentine defender Martinez Quarta He received only 5.6% of the vote.