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Juventus, the stadium sandwiched between modernity and tradition: but there is a 'fan problem'

Juventus, the stadium sandwiched between modernity and tradition: but there is a ‘fan problem’

Modernity embraces traditionIn the words – or almost – the Juventus anthem. But it is a rigid hug, almost obligatory, not out of feeling and letting go of emotions. Double seen inside the Allianz Stadium on the occasion of the first season of the Bianconeri against Sassuolo.

On the one hand, the show set up by the company. The US tour had multiple meanings. Among the many, an opportunity to get a closer look at the stars and stripes way of experiencing football and sports, and the entertainment set up in the facilities. Something was seen on Monday evening: flames on the sidelines as AC/DC team thunderbolts, fans with Juventus pom-poms, echoed from the speakers; Indisputable signs of the direction you want to go, the entire brand.

On the other hand, the return of Al-Hosn “against modern football”, in the presence of some Juventus Ultras teams. – With different names and symbols due to Daspo -in Curva Sud. A subdued comeback, the cheer was felt at times and certainly wasn’t as captivating as it has been in the past few seasons, but the atmosphere created in some phases is definitely different from what we saw last season. It must also be emphasized that the so-called “return of the southern curve” is an inflation of reality. One group formally announced their return—to the second ring from the south—and other groups reappeared on the balustrade, downstairs, with greater coldness and less contentment.

The general impression at the start of the tournament was that the cross between modernity and tradition was not entirely successful., for now, leaving the playing field stuck in a stalemate. To make itself heard, in a rather loud and almost astonishing way, the “bourgeois” part of the cheering with its whistles, before tipping point cooling separatorShe expressed her disappointment at what was seen in the field.

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In short, the return of organized support changed something but did not mark a turning point. The times of the impregnable trough, the “hustle” that Antonio Conte repeatedly called, are still far away. This is a problem for the team. Yes, because in moments of difficulty whistles can make you drown, support inflates muscles, empties lactic acid, loads the mind and allows you to get shifts, win interventions, and do something more than your opponents.

It was the first, everyone would have time to “lubricate the mechanisms”. A large part of the Juventus season passes here too.