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Juventus, the injury issue: how to run for cover

Turin – Even from his last year at the helm Juventus (season 2018-19), but also in connection with the following two years, when they sat on the bench at Juventus Maurizio Sarri And Andrea Pirlo. Many times Massimiliano Allegri He’s talked about a tough year in terms of injuries and confirmed by the statistic, so much so that assessments are underway within the company about the advisability of running for coverage and changing something. Already this past summer there has been a revolution in the medical sector with the arrival of three new physiotherapists and one new rehab, fifty percent of the workforce. It is not excluded that other changes will be adopted in the coming months. More than the medical staff, the club looks forward to athletic training that is aware of the need for new patches/changes. Allegri pointed his finger at the increase in traumatic injuries, often due to chance, which always remains a third place compared to muscle injuries, even if it weighs more on the number of games he has missed.

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injury case? Ivy in the cover. Data and Strategies

Juventus emergency injury

The most obvious example is Federico Chiesa, who suffered three stops due to muscle problems for a total of 8 races missed and only one injury, in January, forcing him to end the season early (so far he has missed 23 other challenges) due to an ACL injury. On the other hand, he missed 12 matches this year Paulo Dybala They have one common matrix, muscle. It should also be borne in mind that the emergency injury has forced many of the Bianconeri to work overtime, increasing the risk of burnout and new layovers. If the situation at Juventus is not rosy, then the comparison with Milan and Inter comforts the Bianconeri a little: the number of games he has missed due to an injury to the Rossoneri is 233 (the Bianconeri 209). This is the place of the long absence Zlatan Ibrahimovic Based on Simon Kerr. On the other side of Milan, Simon Inzaghi can smile: his men have missed just 71 games, a third compared to the other two clubs.

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