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Juventus has a player who can impress Allegri

Juventus has a player who can impress Allegri

I have one tattoo: two wings of an angel with the inscription Somniare and the letter M, the first letter of my grandmother Milena ”, said a seventeen-year-old boy Niccolo Fagioli At Tuttosport on April 6, 2018, a few days after being elected player of the year in the Ibn Amr Future Cup in Amsterdam, he lost in the final at the hands of Juventus U-17 against Ajax. Three years and three months after that interview, the youth sector’s most anticipated talent in recent years has fulfilled some of her dreams back then – making his first-team debut, even as a rookie – but now fate presents him with a chance to open up those tattooed wings and really take a flight. So, in the case of Adrien Rabiot, Aaron Ramsey and Rodrigo Bentancur, who will enjoy their holidays for a while after the European and American Cups, but without achieving the desired results. Good luck in the case of Manuel Locatelli, who, if he joins Juventus, will still be among the last, as he has just started the holiday as European champion. Bad luck in the case of Arthur, who underwent surgery on Friday.

This combination of mixed fortunes makes Fagioli, along with Weston McKinney, the only available midfielder for Massimiliano. Fun In this training camp, except for the U-23 players and Primavera. A situation that is almost certain to open the doors of his starting lineup in his first pre-season friendly match, on July 31 against Monza. As well as in the first family matches that will precede it. Spaces that Fagioli will be able to use to definitively vanquish Allegri, after enchanting him for years. […]

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Low top in the rhombus, mezala or center in a two-person section (or four considering the exterior), always with the style and vision of the game as distinguishing features, but also with increased daring, physicality and dynamism. A transformation that should not have surprised Allegri at all, to re-read Fagioli’s talents he emphasized at that conference. Qualities as a director and as a game builder regardless of position. Fagioli has the opportunity to prove that he can immediately give the Juventus midfield what it needs. Allegri and managing director Cherubini, whom he respects as much as the technician, are waiting for nothing else.

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