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Juventus, four clues make it a test: the problem is the preparation, they say ... the players

Juventus, four clues make it a test: the problem is the preparation, they say … the players

Eric Mellick, Philip Kostek, Samuel Ealing Jr. and Fabio Meretti. The four notes are probably the only positive ones for Juventus Last night was seen against Benfica, a team facing enormous difficulties did not have a heart “momentum” except in the final thanks to the young substitutes, who were able to shake their teammates until they reached a near equalizer. The English stood out in particular, appearing for the first time ever Champions Leaguebut also Merity was not far away, and the same can be said of Matthias Soleilalthough the Argentine – another talent the first team now knew and appreciated – had “eat” a goal.

But what unites the four Juventus players mentioned in the opening, other than the complete sufficiency in the card report they deserved in yesterday’s match? maybe there Prepare. It may be a coincidence, but the fact is that Milik, Costi, Ealing Jr. and Meriti, albeit for different reasons, spent the summer away from Massimiliano. cheerful and his crew, they only joined the team after the season had actually started: the Pole and the Serbian for minor logistical reasons, having left respectively Marseille And theEintracht Frankfurt in August; As for the two youngsters, however, fans will remember that Merretti did not take part in the long tour in the United States as a veteran in commitments with the national team, while his English colleague until a few weeks ago worked on orders. subordinate Next generation by Mr. Massimo it lights upwho had a fixed owner. Two (actually four, in this case) clues provide evidence: perhaps for Allegri, orcs And our colleagues, it’s really time for some thinking.

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