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Juventus, best wishes to Agnelli on his 47th birthday: "Thank you, boss"

Juventus, best wishes to Agnelli on his 47th birthday: “Thank you, boss”

The outgoing president turns 47: “Don’t lose sight of the pages of history books, you always had a vision for the future”

Andrea Agnelli He’s 47, which is a different birthday than it was in the outgoing president’s later years Juventus. Perhaps that is exactly why Juventus wanted to give him what he had our end Birthday dedicates deep words to him, with a note posted on the official website: “A lot has been said and will be said, we want to tell you.” Thank you. We risk losing sight of the pages of history, which from 2010 onwards have written an unprecedented era. All of this is possible if there was one Vision Clear, sharp and precise as ever in Andrea Agnelli. Seeing her motivated to future As a characteristic because after the victory you think about starting with the next victory. We will not differentiate this lesson: It’s the best way to wish our president a happy birthday” Agnelli, who resigned like the entire Juventus board of directors After achieving PrismaWill come And he replaced him Gianluca Ferrero Starting next January 18th.

Best wishes from Juventus
“Today is the birthday of our president, Andrea Agnelli. It is not a day like any other, not a time like any other. Much has been written, much has been said and much will continue to be said: what we want to say today, Juventus, to borrow a term so dear to Andrea, simply: Thank you. As you flip through the pages of newspapers, you risk missing out on other pages: those in the history books. A story that has linked our team for almost a century to one family, decades in which Juventus became a legend and then cemented it again, from 2010 Onwards, thanks to an unprecedented era on and off the field, all this is possible if there is a vision behind it. Clear, clear, precise. Andrea Agnelli not only always showed this vision, but made it his hallmark, taking Juventus with his hand towards a horizon that would never have been possible. Visualize it until recently. Recreate something and get out. Everything that is in front of our eyes today, and after a few years looks almost “normal”, like a new visual identity, like new and modern infrastructures, like a look at worlds “other” than football, like sports projects Never seen before in Italy, is the result of that vision.A vision that had – and that – Dr Lean towards the future as its hallmark. Because, to use another concept dear to Andrea, after a triumph, you already start thinking about the next. We will not miss this lesson: it is the best way to wish our president a happy birthday.”