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Juventus and Bremer are waiting in Turin for medical checks - sports - football

Juventus and Bremer are waiting in Turin for medical checks – sports – football

Turin, 19 July 2022 – There is no longer any doubt: Gleason Bremer will wear a watch Juventus. A real test of strength from Juventus, who beat the competitionInter Defender will pay Turin More than 45 million euros between the fixed part and the bonus. You can even touch 50: the club gloats Urbino Cairo, who was really hoping to light up an auction for his gem. But the old lady is clearly smiling as well, who in a few hours closed the agreement to replace her Matisse de Ligtofficially go to Bayern Monaco For 67 million euros (payable in four years) plus 10 bonuses.

the program

Returning to Bremer, the player will arrive in Turin in the evening by a private plane from Austria, where the team is Ivan Goric in the event of a decline. He will sleep in the J Hotel, and tomorrow he will undergo the usual medical check-ups at J Medical, before signing the multi-year contract with which he will join Juventus. In this way, the best defender in the last Serie A will be able to leave for the United States on a tour with his new teammates. And who knows what Massimiliano Allegri Don’t give him a few minutes in a friendly match Club Deportivo Guadalajara Italian Night is scheduled to take place between Friday and Saturday at 5 p.m. in Las Vegas.

Training today

While waiting for Bremer’s reception, the Juventus group trained hard today in Kontasa. double session of Bonucci and his comrades, who worked in the morning with exercises to build and develop maneuverability; The activity was divided first into divisions and then as a whole team with the final stage dedicated to the usual match. In the afternoon, physical work for everyone.

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