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Justin Timberlake who? The arrested singer tells the policeman, “You’re ruining my tour,” but he doesn’t even know who he is


NEW YORK – Within a few hours the singer and actor Justin Timberlake He was arrested for drunken driving, brought before a judge and released without bail, but banned from driving in New York State for one year.

In the United States, there’s one thing you should never do when stopped by the police: stick to the “You don’t know who I am” formula. This makes the situation worse when the artist hands over his document to the policeman who stops him tonight between Monday and Tuesday in upstate New York. He thought that the agent would recognize him and that everything would end with his signature. Instead, the agent was too young to know its author. Dick in a box H Give it to me. Timberlake’s name doesn’t mean anything to him.


According to local media, the singer tried to play a card, saying: “This thing will ruin my tour.” The policeman replied: “Which round?” “World tour,” the artist added. But nothing. For him, the world-famous singer and actor was just a person who was found behind the wheel of a BMW that did not stop at a stop sign and crossed the line between two lanes.

According to the report, Timberlake appeared intoxicated and unable to fully stand. The singer explained that he attended a party for his friends at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor, in the Hamptons, Long Island, eastern New York, where wealthy New Yorkers spend their summer vacations, and that he only drank a glass of martini. But his condition betrayed him. The policeman described the singer as having “bloodshot and glassy eyes,” surrounded by a “strong smell of alcohol, and speaking very slowly.” The cop added that all standard tests, such as walking in an imaginary straight line, Timberlake “failed.”

A young Justin Timberlake at the beginning of his career

The singer refused to take the test. He was detained overnight, brought before a judge at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, and charged with driving while impaired, failure to run a stop sign and failure to maintain his lane. Timberlake is currently touring with the Forget Tomorrow World Tour, following the release of his latest album, Everything I thought it was. His last concert was in Miami on June 15. The next conference is scheduled to be in Chicago on June 21-22. On the 26th, Timberlake will have to appear before a judge again.

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