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Just fine him

Just fine him

Incredible story comes fromAustria: He failed to amputate the patient’s leg but noticed it only two days later. a A doctor The 43-year-old Austrian made a fatal mistake by confusing his patient’s limbs and amputating a healthy limb. Shortly before the operation, the doctor mixed up the documents without anyone noticing and the consequences were dire.

A leg was amputated, but the opposite is true

The patient, who was seriously ill, headed to a medical clinic in Freistadt, Upper Austria. Doctors told him that unfortunately his left leg was no longer repairable and that it had to be amputated. The surgery seemed successful but two days later the surgeon discovered he had amputated the wrong limb. The patient then had to undergo a second operation, effectively losing both limbs.

Then the court decided that the doctor should pay one 2700 euros fine Personal injury due to gross negligence. The verdict which witnessed the victory of the patient, an 82-year-old man, died before the hearing precisely because of the serious health problems he had.

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For the widow, the court fixed a compensation of 5 thousand euros but she also would not be able to benefit from it because she died. The doctor left the clinic where the error occurred and admitted his error but denied the allegations of negligence.