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June update reveals secret goals -

June update reveals secret goals –

Microsoft announced some new features June 2022 update for operating system Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Onewhich will allow you, among other things Reveals details of secret targetsyet impossible to see even by tracking achievements.

As reported by the Xbox team, the following option has been introduced Feedback and requests By users, who apparently explained the need to be able to see details of secret targets and be able to track them.

However, she is”Optional optionOf course, if he is not selected, he leaves the situation unchanged, with the secret objectives unknown. According to your preferences, you will be able to get information about these mysterious achievements or not.

Anyway, to activate it, just go to the guide, click on activities and get to the goals section.

Xbox, the new option to reveal the details of secret achievements

From here, by choosing a secret goal, you will find the “Reveal Details” option, which will allow you to get all the information related to the achievement, suggestions for achieving it, and the degree of progress to achieve it.

All this can be done from Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, and even from the Xbox app on Android and iOS. More details about the June update for Xbox will then be reported in the coming days, also awaiting the release date of this update.

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