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Ultimo aggiornamento in vista del prossimo mese di Giugno

June, the new update proposes the appropriate scenario; We show you the trend of

Weather: June, new update proposes suitable conditions; We are on trend

New extreme heat waves are coming. Possible signs of change after 10

Last updated in view of next JuneNext month June Marks the beginning of summer and promises to be this year Very energetic from the start, With direct effects in Italy. According to the new hypothesis that has now arrived (map attached), there will be new heat and new thunderstorms with renewal, especially in some parts of our country.

First a necessary prototype. Remember that Medium and long term trends They help to give a general and concise idea of ​​the large-scale rainfall and temperature It should therefore not be understood as a classic weather forecast used to plan events in one’s daily life. However, thanks to scientific advances, seasonal trends have now changed The perfect tool for scientific predictionWith decisive contributions to long-term climate assessment.

The first thing to consider based on the latest forecasts is that already from the beginning of the new June, Republic Day Bridge And for at least the entire first decade, The great protagonist in the Mediterranean scene is the African anticyclone. Based on the air masses of tropical origin (inside the Sahara Desert), we expect temperatures to rise, except for more sun, especially in the central south and two large islands: this probably translates to true. Heat waves, thermometers are ready to splash Widespread over 34/35 C.
But be careful, that does not mean that the whole month will be spent under the sun and extreme heat. In fact, by expanding our view of the whole hemispherical chessboard, we can see how in northern Europe there is a low-pressure area filled with unstable and unstable air ready to pour into the Mediterranean. The hypothesis is that in the middle of the month, After June 10/11, The temporary drop of anticyclone facilitates the entry of this mass air which causes insidiousness The storm breaks.

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At this time, the regions North and, Given the heat odds and a lot Potential energy in danger, Extreme weather events should not be excluded. After a heat wave in the lower layers of the atmosphere, the greatest risks arise when a large amount of moisture and heat accumulate. Following that, during the first fresh and unstable winds at high altitudes, convection movements (rising hot air) are particularly favorable for the appearance of violent storms, with high risk Sleet And in some cases, rarely but often in recent years, more hurricanes (or hurricanes).
Obviously, it is necessary to wait a few more days for details so that the path of unstable currents and consequently high-risk areas can be identified with greater accuracy. We will let you know.

Warm June start with African anticyclone.  Possible signs of change since 10/11Warm June start with African anticyclone. Possible signs of change since 10/11