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Julia Stabile is being insulted on social media because of her teeth, as she freezes out haters


Former Amici Di Maria De Filippi dancer gave an epic response to those who insulted her over her breakup: a real life lesson for the haters

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Julia Stabile

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He again mocked his physical appearance and more precisely his teeth: Julia Stabile However, this time she does not remain silent in the face of the hatred of her haters on social media, and responds with appropriate words that also give keyboard black a touch of joy. Life lesson.

Giulia Stabile’s response to social hatred of dental space

DiastemaThis is called the distance between one tooth and another. A trait that many people possess, and there are those who corrected the “defect” and those who did not. Julia Stabile He is one of those people who loves these details in his smile which thus becomes special and unique. The dancer entered Instagram He wrote in his stories: “He’s twenty-two years old, and he has a gap between his teeth that also has a beautiful name: diastema, which I will never close. So You could also keep telling me all my life, “Didn’t this girl, with all the work she did, save a little money to pay for the dentist?” (Even if you don’t say it that way but I preferred not to be cliche) which it will be anyway Words thrown to the wind“. Then the dancer ended her long outburst by saying: “I may not like these teeth very often, but at the same time I know they are the thing that makes me feel good Different and unique “I will never allow the words of some insensitive people to make me think I want to change.” the stable Thus, he proved that he loves himself and is not looking for a beauty close to perfection that does not exist in reality. This was the message he tried to get across to the serial haters hiding behind a cell phone or computer screen.

Confessions of Maria De Filippi’s Friends

at school Amici to Maria De Filippi She actually addressed her dental “problem” with her boyfriend at the time, Sangiovanni. In that case, she confided to him that she had felt ugly several times because of a physical defect such as extroversion. In fact, he often heard this phrase: “Before you laugh, fix your teeth.” She was very upset about that. But now it seems so Julia She appreciates herself for who she is, and promotes an aspect of her outward appearance that does not reflect the canons of traditional beauty because it makes her unique and she actually appreciates the space between her teeth without having to suffer from it anymore.

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