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Joe Biden, Desperate Democrats: Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama in Plan to Replace Him


As Joe Biden becomes increasingly entrenched and reiterates that he will be the one to run for reelection against Donald Trump, there is excitement in the Democratic galaxy. There is no shortage of ideas to replace running for president of the United States. The most exciting is the one by Georgetown University law professor Rosa Brooks, who has launched a plan among donors, that is, Democratic campaign funders, to turn the tables. Three key figures: three famous and successful women, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Oprah Winfrey.

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“The three stars will be called upon to lead public forums to quickly assess the best alternative to Biden,” wrote La Repubblica, but only “if the US president decides to retire after the disastrous test in the televised duel with Donald Trump.” The plan was revealed by the Semafor website and will have a code name: “Blitz Primary.” The teacher who popularized the project among donors worked in the Obama and Biden administrations, and was an advisor to the 2020 Democratic campaign. The choice of the three is not random. “Former First Lady Michelle mobilized women and African Americans, TV host Oprah Housewives, and pop star Swift the Young Ones,” he explained.

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But how does it work? We need the complicity of Biden, who must withdraw, but also of his vice president Kamala Harris, who must accept the “race”. The aspirants will then be asked to propose themselves, and the three stars will lead public forums at the end of which the name of the presidential race will appear. A kind of live social talent show… “The winner, chosen from among the six finalists based on the votes of the delegates in the rapid primary, will be announced on August 21, the third day of the Democratic Convention scheduled to take place in Chicago,” it was stated. Illusions? Of course, in politics and entertainment anything is possible. But perhaps the real challenge will be to convince Biden to take a step back.

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