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JLo's opponent, Malgioglio's comment on Spain at Eurovision ignited controversy

JLo’s opponent, Malgioglio’s comment on Spain at Eurovision ignited controversy

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Cristiano Malgoglio during the final of Eurovision 2022 “cut short” the performance of Chanel Terreiro, representative of Spain, calling him “the opponent of Jennifer Lopez”. His words sparked a Spanish controversy.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Although it was appreciated by the jury and Rai Uno audiences from all over the world, Chanel Terrierrepresentative Spain toEurovision 2022He doesn’t really like her Christian MalgoglioRay hanging festival with Gabriel Corsi. The naturalized Cuban singer and dancer gave a show between singing and dancing to the tunes slovakia mo, a “European reggaetonAs defined by the famous TV face and singer.

Cristiano Malgoglio’s words about Chanel Terreiro

Last night, during the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Cristiano Malgoglio interrupted the Spain performance of singer and dancer Chanel Terreiro, a Cuban naturalized Spanish. Jennifer Lopez discount He commented during the show, then added at the end:

Well, I gotta tell you she’s beautiful, she dances well, and she moves well. But his song is a beach song, European reggaeton, there was a band that could represent Spain, they sang a song dedicated to Rafaela Cara but did not go through poetry. There is Jennifer Lopez.

These words did not reach the Spaniards, and in these hours on Twitter, the debate was very raging.

Twitter controversy

There’s been a trend on Twitter for hours now Cristiano MaglioglioThe Spain AndEurovision. Commentator’s words opinionThe famous singer-songwriter and TV face sparked controversy among Spaniards who defended their actor Chanel Terrierthird after Ukraine and England – and the Italians who now invite them not to complain after the above words Blanco and Mahmoud a few days ago, Described as “a gay couple that Italy uses to win”. Many on Twitter agree with Cristiano Malgoglio, and some argue that it was the Spaniards’ comments on social media that offended their country’s bottom line.

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