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JL takes your breath away in Intimissimi lace lingerie and silk kimono

JL takes your breath away in Intimissimi lace lingerie and silk kimono

Jennifer LopezPrettier than ever, she charmed her Instagram followers with some pics in lingerie, a white lace bodysuit, a silk kimono, a black bodice, everything. Signed Intimissimi.

Jennifer Lopez seduces in white lace

Jennifer Lopez She spends a quiet weekend thinking about her husband Ben Affleck and allows herself to take pictures In the privacy of his homeShe wears underwear between the bed and the sofa, taking time for herself, away from the stage, away from the red carpet and the paparazzi. Alone, her private rooms finally became available through these photos that she wanted to share with her millions of followers.

Ji Lu, born in 1969, allows herself to be photographed sitting down on his bed Between white sheets and a mountain of pillows, dressed White lace body suit With thin straps. This is the Eternal Love Body model from Intimissimi, which is combined with a semi-open silk kimono with a sleeve that slips leaving one shoulder exposed. In the photos, Jenny looks at the camera, touches the ends of her hair and shows the wedding ring on her finger and then lowers her gaze to reveal a pearly pink makeup on it.

She looks like she’s pretending for her Ben, the whites of silk and lace actually make her look like a bride. And the necklace she’s wearing tells us all about her love. The delicate diamond necklace reproduces Mrs. wordreferring to her status as a bride, Mrs. Affleck, whom she wants to call despite somewhat feminist claims.

Jennifer Lopez leaves you breathless in black underwear

But this romantic and charming picture is accompanied by other shots of a rare beauty. The script changes as well as the underwear, although Intimissimi is always signed to it. Mrs. Affleck This time she is sitting on the sofa, made up of huge green velvet pillows. Behind her was a gray closet full of folders. c. Looking at it from the window. A hand resting on the chin, showing the wedding ring again in the foreground. She seems lost in her thoughts and is actually pictured with a pencil in her hand while writing on a large notebook, perhaps the lyrics of a new song.

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wears lopez Balconette bra Sophia Your Private Party in black from Intimissimi that highlights her perfect dress at age 53, black silk satin pants with a subtle white border that matches the kimono jacket, also from Intimissimi.

The seductive charge of these photos is countless and millions of hearts have conquered JLo’s Instagram profile. Someone comments: “You are the most beautiful. A wonderful and perfect woman in every sense of the word.” “I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful“God gave the world a wonderful and beautiful woman.” “The love of my life and why I smile.” “I love you, you are so beautiful.” Also thanks to the Intimissimi underwear that knows how to enhance the charm of its wearer.