Thursday, July 25, 2024

Jeju’s revamp: The only official show so far is Milan


Donnarumma’s case has entered its crucial month. Another frantic weekend, the arrival of his agent Enzo Raiola in Milan to support him in light of the final rush of the season, are the rules by which the goalkeeper born in the year 99, who this month will have to decide whether to continue wearing the Rossoneri shirt or go to the venue else.
A few weeks ago, Milan made its final offer: seven million euros per season plus one bonus. He will not go further, and thus leave the ball to Donaroma, who is not currently moving from his position to renew the contract: 12 million euros per season, of which at least 10 million euros for the fixed part.

Maldini announced yesterday that all negotiations will be officially frozen until the end of the season. Choosing common sense, especially to buy time and because this season’s finale – whether or not you finish in the top four in the standings – can be decisive in these negotiations as well. However, it is clearly not beyond this month, and in the meantime, Milan has already taken precautions with Mike Minan of Lille in the event of black smoke with Donnarumma, a scenario that is currently possible.

And Juventus? Interest remains, communication continues. But there is no official offer yet, also because the club’s position remains the same: the attack on Donnarumma will only be possible after the sale of Wojciech Szczesny. Possible sale, but far from simple and trivial, especially in these times: Chesney is 31 years old, has three more years of contract with 6.5 million euros net per season and a valuation of at least 20 million euros.

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Other possibilities? With Paris Saint-Germain showing its strong interest, there were no new developments in the first months of 2021, and in the meantime, there was the renewal of Keylor Navas’ contract. Few doors open in the Premier League, between Arsenal and Tottenham, more for Chchisney than for Donnarumma … But so far there is nothing tangible or official, if not Milan’s bid for Gigio: 7 + 1 million euros net season.


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