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Jeep: A strategy to grow further in the United States

Jeep: A strategy to grow further in the United States

Jeep Stellandis is one of the leading brands of trade attack in North America, especially in the United States. In the states where most of the units sold precisely under the FCA brand are concentrated, he later joined the group led by Carlos Tavares. However, Thai company executives see room for further growth in the region. To achieve the expansion goal, the Jeep must make its changes Dealerships. In fact, the brand’s dealer network in the United States will face a real revolution in a couple of years. That’s why Stars & Stripes encourages dealers to create Dedicated showrooms Attract new customers.

Jeep, ambitions of expansion in the US go through dealerships


So far, Jeeps have been marketed by many Many brand centers Spread far and wide in the states. Here they are proposed in conjunction with other brands of the Italian-French group Chrysler, Dodge and Ram. According to talented managers, internal competition does not benefit either party. Giving each other hard time can translate into great unused energy. Analysts believe that if they start focusing on exclusive showrooms, their success can be significantly increased.

Jeep Easter Jeep Safari 2022 concept

Jeep CEO, Christian Munier, Believes that exclusive showrooms will yield obvious benefits. A change in internal policy will add value to dealers Grab some development skills Of the brand. At the same time, the related product portfolio will be supported. For microphones Auto News, The CEO clarified the position on the matter. Due to the company’s production plan and growth opportunity North America Over the next five years, according to the manager, dealers will be more involved.

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So let’s see what news comes to the Jeep from North America. Of course, it will hold one The main condition In the maneuvers of Stellandis. In connection with this, beginning, a lot of news is coming Section B SUV It will be made in Poland and will be the forerunner of the group’s EVs.

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