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January 7th episode stories with Can Yaman and Antonino Cannavacciuolo

January 7th episode stories with Can Yaman and Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Stefano accepted the invitation. Valentina took the floor: “I lived the most beautiful fairy tale with you. You know, we had a moment of crisis. I missed your embrace, you know. I was offended as a woman. Your anger brought me into someone else’s arms. But I ruined everything, I made a terrible mistake. I miss you. When you left, I understood that you are a man My life. I’m here to ask you: Why don’t we get back together?” Stefano replied coldly: “You should have thought of that first.”. Then Maria de Felipe reminded him when chips fell from the table at Christmas, and he allegedly ordered her to collect them. He notes her lack of help around the house, and that although they both work, she also has to cook and do laundry while watching movies. Stephen explained:

Today she is here asking me to forgive her but until the day before yesterday she wanted to kick me out of the house. I found him at that person’s house. If you liked it? She is a beautiful girl but I don’t feel anything anymore. I wrote to her and we talked. Why did I send you the snake symbol? Because it’s a snake. It is she who writes to me to ask where I am going, what I am doing.

Maria de Felipe wants to understand why he continued his intimate relationship with Valentina: “Why do I go to her? For the sake of children. From 1 to 100, I’m an angry 100. If tampons were mine? When I go to her, I say no, but then I’m a man and I can’t say noAnd since he insisted that his wife’s betrayal is more dangerous than his behavior with her, the presenter specified:

Don’t you think calling your wife a bitch is equivalent sometimes? They are two different things, betraying a person…but treating a person badly is the same. You didn’t expect him to go with someone else because he did what you said. I told her to pick up the chips and she picked them up. It goes on like this, you go to her house, she insists you take off your clothes and you give in because you have to give in.

Stephen repeated: “she does it all”. added: “There will be no forgiveness.” still: “I tell him it doesn’t change anything, it’s an outlet.” (referring to their intimacy together).

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