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"I've worked in rai, and I don't allow myself to be fooled."  Amadeus is suspicious

“I’ve worked in rai, and I don’t allow myself to be fooled.” Amadeus is suspicious

Blue night, Paolo Bonolis “angry” enters the studio: «I’ve worked in rai, and I don’t allow myself to be fooled». Amadeus doubting. Tonight, broadcast on Rai1, the special appointment, hosted by Amadeus, dedicated to the Italian national team in light of European 2020. The heroes of the event, Mr. Mancini and the team of players led by Giorgio Chiellini.

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super guest in the evening, Paulo Bonolis. Mediaset conductor enters the studio “furious,” accusing someone behind the scenes: “I worked in rai, I did a lot of radio shows. It doesn’t make sense to come and beat me backstage.” Needless to say, it’s a sarcastic gag of a Roman conductor. Amadeus asks, amused, for explanations. Bonolis answers: “When she called me and told me Mancini would be there, I thought my dream would come true. You know, I kick right and left pretty well. I thought I was called. Then backstage, old friends I worked with teased me saying I’m just a guest».

Amadeus managed to extract a cynical promise from Mr. Mancini: “Against Germany you enter the number 86He laughed in the studio.

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