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Cucciolo di foca ucciso per un selfie da due turisti, i custodi dell

“I’ve never seen such a horrible sight before.”

Baby seal killed by tourists who wanted to take a selfie: A horrific scene told by two coastlines of Great Blasket Island off the coast of County Kerry in Ireland. The episode goes back to the end of summer and was reconstructed during the period of massive popularity The Pat Kenny Show.

Caregivers Haas and Brooke Montgomery, for six months on the gorgeous 7-kilometer island with no permanent residents, said they were horrified to see two tourists who ended up killing a baby seal in order to take a selfie. Also known as the island of gray seals, the Great Blasket is a mammal that finds enough food in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to feed several colonies of hundreds of specimens. Every year a thousand seals leave Scotland and come to breed on this island.

“These two tourists just took the puppy for a photo, then let it go in the surf and caught it again on the beach to take more selfies. But the baby seals weren’t able to swim for the first three weeks, moreover, the mother rejected this poor animal, which the man touched. I have never seen so much horror, so much irresponsibility: there is disappointment.”

This episode is the culmination of disrespectful and rude behavior by many of the tourists who visit that pristine paradise.

“There are signs – said the guards – forbidding approaching the seals, but many go after them to take pictures and end up scaring them.